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Name: Susan Darrington
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In the Markham Music classroom students learn to love music.  Singing is a natural way of expressing feelings.   Music is meant to create an emotional response.  We sing songs that express love, joy, exhilaration, happiness, and even sadness and empathy.

 In the primary grades, kids become confident in their musical abilities through musical games, Orff and rhythm instruments, and physical movement.  Singing for a child is as natural as playing. 
Emphasis is placed on thinking musically.  First, students are taught to sing on pitch.  In tune singing is a response to  thinking the pitch first. 
Students are becoming musically literate, that is learning to read and write music.  When a child learns to read, write, and understand the symbol system for music, it not only accelerates the learning of music , it also enhances their ability to read in the general classroom. 
Performance is a demonstration and sharing of what has been learned.  Self confidence, self worth, teamwork, and creativity are enjoyed through performance opportunities.
In the Markham Music classroom students become acquainted with music from different genres, cultures, and time periods.  We become better global citizens as we learn about and understand the similarities and differences in the world family.

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