Planning Resources

G.L.A.D. Guided Language Acquisition Design
   "Preparing Today's Youth for the Future"
 Contact Information: Vickie Kaufman, GLAD TOSA and Trainer
 Content Resources
 Washington ELA Standards
 Washington Math Standards
 Next Generation Science Standards
 Health/Fitness Standards
 The Arts Standards
 Standard Resources
 Instructional Shifts in ELA
 DOK-Depth of Knowledge
 Bloom's New Taxonomy
 Bloom's and Webb's DOK Comparison
 Text Complexity
 Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium
 Achieve the Core Resources
 ELP Standards & Resources
 ELP Standards
 ESL Leveled Questions
 Summary of Collier & Thomas Research
 Reading Transfer: Spanish to English
 Lesson Study Plan
 GLAD Planning Tools
 Unit Plan
 GLAD Day by Day
 GLAD Non-Negotiables
 GLAD, Balanced Literacy & Literacy Squared
 Bilingual Models
 Collier's Graph
 Two Way Dual Language Model
 Late Exit Model Elementary
 Late Exit Model Secondary
 Two Way Dual Language Model
 Accountable Talk Frame Resources
 Video: Building & Assessing Oral Academic Language
Language Forms & Functions 
Language Functions Toolkit 
 Compare & Contrast
 Discussion Frames
 Multiple Use Frames
Frames by ELL Level 
Framed Paragraphs for Various Content 
 Main Idea Starters
 More Main Idea Starters
Frames for Reader Response 
Frames, Transitions, Etc. 
Inferences, Predictions & More 
Discussion Frames 
 Language Lines-Color Coded
 Language Functions & Frames
Frames for Various Contents 
Summary Frames  
Lab Report Starters 
 Math Sentence Frames
Algebra 1 Samples 
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