Stevens Middle School, originally Stevens Junior High School, derives its name from Isaac Ingalls Stevens of Massachusetts. After graduating from West Point in 1839, Stevens superintended fortifications on the New England coast and then assumed command of the coast survey office in Washington D.C. In 1853 he became the first Washington Territorial Governor and was tasked with opening and promoting the settlement of 100,000 square miles. In 1857 Stevens was elected Territorial Delegate to Congress  and in 1861 was re-commissioned into the Union Army as the Civil War began. A participant of several battles, including the Battle of Port Royal, Stevens fell during the Battle of Chantilly at the age of 44.


Stevens Middle has AVID classes, an enhancement period for all students.  Another unique feature of the school is a climbing wall, one of the first in the area, used during PE classes.  Stevens also offers High Cap classes for students in language arts and mathematics.


On Fridays, Stevens celebrates FIT (Friday  Is Terrific) for the students in the cafeteria. FIT includes music, games and competitions. Every quarter the school celebrates a Super FIT where all students passing their core classes are invited to participate in the many fun and exciting activities.

Walking Tiger
1120 N 22nd Ave.
Principal: Charlotte Troxel
Year Opened: 1961

Enrollment: 993

Mascot: Tigers
School Colors:  Black  and gold
Total Teachers: 61

Total Staff: 90
Number of Portable Classrooms:  16

White                                                     6.2%

Hispanic                                                90.9%

Asian                                                         .3%

Multiracial                                               1.3%
      American Indian/Alaskan Native            .3%

Black or African American                     1.4%


Free and Reduced Lunch:                       95.8%

English Language Learners:                 43.9%

Web address:

School Motto: Together as a team we will achieve a successful education for our students through integrity and pride.

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