New Horizons High School
Mission Statement: Creating relationships and experiences leading to infinite possibilities!

Vision Statement:
New Horizons High School is an innovative learning community that provides every student a safe environment in which to grow academically and socially, mastering skills to lead the changing world.

Affirmation Statement: We are precious, unique, and meaningful parts of life, and the world would not be the same without us.

Location: 3110 W. Argent Rd.
Phone: 509-543-6796

Brian Leavitt Principal: Brian Leavitt

Year Opened: 1989 (current location)Enrollment: 186
Mascot: Phoenix
School Colors: Navy blue and silver
Total Teachers: 17
Total Staff: 25

         White 16.5%         Hispanic 78.8%
         Asian .6%
         Black or African American 4.1%

Free and Reduced Lunch: 65%
English Language Learners: 29.1%

School Motto:
As does the phoenix, so shall we.

NHHS's 2012-13 PEAK! Partners:
All Star


New Horizons High School
, formerly Pasco Alternative High School, opened at its current location in 1989. Since the 1970’s, Pasco Alternative High School had been housed in a rented facility in the old airport area owned by the Port of Pasco until it was destroyed by a fire on April 6, 1989.

New Horizons High SchoolLike the phoenix, the school rose from the ashes with a new name, a new location and a renewed spirit. New Horizons High School (NHHS) and Discovery Middle School represent a learning community dedicated to "doing whatever it takes" by forming strong relationships with students, parents and the community to make each student’s destination graduation. The school is uniquely designed to support teen parents with on-site childcare and a baby bus, and a powerful and effective teen parent program serving both moms and dads and babies who will be our kinders in a few short years.

The school has evolved from the old picture of an alternative school to one in which all students must meet the same academic standards as in any high school and now offers several CTE classes including the only jewelry and metal works program in the district. In 2008 the school was accredited and students now receive a diploma with their school mascot and name embossed, a true identity achieved. The school’s name, nominated by and voted on by the student body, symbolizes a forward-looking view. Many of its students are “rising from the ashes” themselves and recommitting to finishing their educations in spite of previous choices that may have taken them down another path. New Horizons students have rededicated themselves to their educations. New Horizons is a place of hope and a promise for the future for its students. If you haven’t had a chance to judge their senior projects presentations, it is an experience you shouldn’t miss. Powerful.

Former principals are Willie Stone, Connie Bailey, Raul Sital and Joe Mosebar. Bill Leggett, Vice President of the Pasco School District Board, was principal of NHHS when the school burned and subsequently adopted its new name and home. Christy Rasmussen, current principal of New Horizons, faces a similar situation as the lease of the NHHS campus from Columbia Basin College expires. New Horizons will once again need to seek a new home but the prospect of hope and moving forward will remain with the students no matter where they go. The phoenix can only rise.