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Social Studies Resources

G.L.A.D.   Guided Language Acquisition Design
"Preparing Today's Youth for the Future"


Social Studies Standards 
Washington State Standards for ELA 
 ELP Standards
Video: Using Sentence Frames To Jump Start Writing 
 Video: Building & Assessing Oral Academic Language
Language Forms & Functions 
 Compare & Contrast
Discussion Frames 
 Multiple use Frames
 Frames by ELL Level
Multiple use Frames 
Framed Paragraphs for Various Content 
 Main Idea Starters 
More Main Idea Starters 
 Frames for Reader Response
Frames, Transitions, Etc. 
Inferences, Predictions & More 
Discussion Frames 
Language Lines-Color Coded 
Language Functions & Frames 
Frames for Various Contents 
Summary Frames 
Lab Report Starters 
Math Sentence Frames
Algebra 1 Samples 
Note: If you Google Sentence Frames or Fluency Frames you will find many wonderful resources 
Around the World Live
 Reference Maps
National Geographic-Maps 
 Map Collections
 Quick Maps
 General Resources
National History Day  
Library of Congress  
 The History Guide
 National Archives 
 Digital History
  Our Documents
  Smithsonian Education
Ancient Africa
African Songs
 African Poetry
 African Folklore
African Links-Just for Kids 
 African Folktales
Ancient China 
Marco Polo 
Chinese Inventions 
More Chinese Inventions 
 Chinese Calligraphy
National Geographic China 
Chinese New Year 
Ancient Greece 
 Poems by Greek Dramatists
Images of Ancient Greece & Rome 
Ancient Greece Information 
Ancient Japan 
Japanese Folktales 
 Japanese Poetry Resources
 Ancient Japan-Virtual Tour
Ancient Rome 
 Roman History
Roman Resources 
Illustrated History of Roman Empire 
Images of Egypt 
Christopher Columbus 
 Vasco da Gama
 Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Incas, Aztecs, Mayas 
Aztec Ruins 
The Aztecs 
 Collapse of the Mayas
Maya Adventure 
 Inca Civilization
 Machu Picchu
Colonial Williamsburg 
 Congress for Kids
American Colonies 
 The 13 Colonies
 America's Story
 Civil War
 Civil War Photographs
Poetry & Music of the Civil War 
Civil War for Kids 
The Civil War 
Women of the Civil War 
 Civil War Homepage
Civil War Battles & Events 
 Civil War Timeline
This Week in the Civil War 
A Nation Divided 
The Role of Cotton in the Civil War 
Civil War Trust 
US Government & Presidents 
Bill of Rights Song 
U. S. Congress 
 Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government
 The White House
 American Presidents
Presidents & First Ladies 
Kids in the House 
 Presidential Portraits
Multiple Government Links 
Revolutionary War 
Revolutionary War Maps 
Revolutionary Period 
Liberty-The American Revolution 
Marching Tour of the American Revolution 
The Boston Tea Party 
Multiple Links the American Revolution 
 Revolutionary War Links
This Day in Early America 
Multiple Links to the Revolutionary War 
 Westward Expansion
 Lewis and Clark
 The Oregon Trail
 Railroad Maps
Corps of Discovery 
 Native Americans
 Native American Images
Native American Literature 
 Native American Authors

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