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G.L.A.D.   Guided Language  Acquisition Design

 "Preparing Today's Youth for the Future"

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Elementary Math Life Science World History Primary Social Studies 
Middle School Math Earth Science U.S. History Literature 
High School Math Physical Science Washington History Language Arts 
 First Settlers Cadence
New Life, New World 
Colonization Bugaloo 
 Thirteen Colonies
Thirteen Colonies Cadence
 Immigration Bugaloo
Southeast Region 
Westward Expansion Bugaloo 
Pioneers Everywhere 
Pioneer Song 
Oregon Trail  
Soldiers Here, Soldiers There 
American Revolution Bugaloo 
 American Revolution
Perseverance (Sequoyah) 
 Economy Crawl
 Our Government
Mid West Region 
Northeast Region 
Southwest Region 
 Washington Bugaloo
Washington, My Home  
Mt. St. Helens 
Ring of Fire 
Washington's First Rate 
 Historian Bugaloo
Columbia River  
The Columbia River  
Columbia River Chanty 
 Home on the Bay
Archeologist Bugaloo 
 Explorer Bugaloo
 Two Viking Men
Egypt Geography 
Geography Cadence 
Geography Bugaloo 
I'm a Map 
Egyptain Writings 
Julius Caesar 
 Marco Polo
 Fuedal Japan
Unwelcome Change (WWII) 
 Las Tres Grandes
Bugalú del Antropólogo 
The Big Three 
 The Champions
Los Campeones 
It's a Small World 
 First Nations
Los Continentes del Mundo 
 Basic Needs
 Culture Cadence
 La Cadencia Cultural
Culture Yes Ma'am
Contribuidores Culturales 
Do You Know the Sioux? 
Naciones Primeras 
Kinder Cha Cha  
Una Familia 
Native Americans Everywhere 
 Do You Know the Inuit?
Conoces a los Inuit 
Native American 
Nativos Americanos 
The Ants Go Marching 
Ant Chant  
Bee Song 
 Urban Roosts
Animals Protect Themselves 
Insects Here and There 
Animals Use Camouflage 
Animals Everywhere 
I Will Transform 
 Call of the Wild
 Healthy Together
Human Heart 
 Mis Reptiles Escamosos
Somos Mamiferos 
 Biologist Bugaloo
 A Bird has Feathers
 Is This a Bird?
Ornithologist Bugaloo  
 Ecosystems Bugaloo
Relationships in Ecosystems 
 Ecologist Bugaloo
Ecosystem Yes Ma'am 
 Changing Ecosystem
Food Chain 
Livin' in a Food Chain 
 Food Chains Everywhere
Oh, When the Snakes 
Taxonomic Naming  
Living Cells  
Louis Pasteur  
The Cell Went Through Mitosis 
The Amoeba 
Herbivores, Carnivores, Omnivores 
¿Cúantos pájaros puedes nombrar? 
 How Many Birds Can You Name?
Funky Science Rap 
Whale Bugaloo 
 Is This a Whale?
 Toothed or Baleen
 Whales Everywhere
 Whales Migrate
 Whale Chant
Whale Rap  
 I Know a Cetacean
 Gentle Giants Poem
 Plant Pollination
 Taxonimist Bugaloo
Canto de los Mamiferos 
 Canto de los Pajaros
Canto de los Peces 
Canto de los Reptiles 
 Cuando iba a la Escuela
Grupos de Reptiles 
Groups of Reptiles 
Una Calabaza 
Scientific Method 
Scientific Method Steps 
 Mt. St. Helens
 Ring of Fire
 Natural Resources
Fossil Bugaloo 
Rocks, Rocks, Rocks  
El Tiempo 
Continental Drift  
 Plate Tectonics
 Sea Floor Spreading
She'll be Testing all the Minerals 
Minerals and Rocks 
 Weathered Rock
 Rock Cycle
Erupting Volcano 
The Cloud Song 
 Air Movement
 Cloud Chant
Water Cycle  
 Lunar Phases
 Lunar Phases
The Atmosphere 
Eeensy Weensy Raindrop 
Ode to Stars  
 The Moon
Sifting and Sorting 
Now Invent 
Forces: Balanced  Unbalanced 
Forces Everywhere 
Matter Everywhere 
Old Ben Franklin Had a Kite 
Solids and Liquids Have 
 Solids and Liquids
 Solidos y Liquidos
Solids and Liquids Bugaloo 
Keep the Same Shape 
Energy Yes Ma'am 
Machines Everywhere 
Motion Everywhere  
 Three Motions Bugaloo
How Do You Move? 
Motion, Motion 
 I Wish I Were A Magnet
Magnetic Bugaloo 
Magnets Here and There 
 Sink or Float
 Hundir y Flotar
 Sinking and Floating
 Elementary Math  
Zero is Nothing 
Multiplying by One 
Multiples of Two 
 Threes Are Easy
Do You Know Your Fours? 
 Learning the Fives
 Heigh Ho! The Sixes We Know
 Multiplying by Seven
 The Facts of Eight
 To Multiply by Nine
Multiplying by Ten 
Ten Little Millimeters 
 Place Value Cadence
 Addition Doubles
 The Operation Song
 Number Writing
3 Dimensional Shapes 
 Shape Chant
Shapes and Symmetry 
 Mode, Median and Range
 Problem Solving
 Mathematics Bugaloo
 Seven Days a Week
Length is Fun 
Shape Song 
 Middle School Math 
Factors and Divisors 
Two as a Factor
Three as a Factor
 Five as a Factor
Fraction, Yes Maam 
Place Value 
 Multiplying by Eleven
 High School Math  
 Walk Two Moons
 Good Reader's Bugaloo
 Dr. Seuss
 Cinderella Bugaloo
 Genre Sound Off
 Around World/Eighty Days
 Trickster Bugaloo
 Linguist Bugaloo
 Story Sharer Bugaloo
 Where the Red Fern Grows
 Ballad of Poppy
 Poetry Break
 Tell Me a Story
  Language Arts 
 The Hardest Workers
Parts of Speech
 Language Bugaloo
 Prefixes Change the Meaning
 Expository Bugaloo
 Expository Paragraph
 Narrative Bugaloo
 Verb Choice Bugaloo