• iPAL Pasco Academy of Learning - K-12 Online Learning Program

  • Online Learning is a growing part of today's education! Pasco School District has expanded the offerings for students living within our district boundaries to take advantage of this flexible learning opportunity to meet the diverse needs of students and families.

    As we plan for the 2020-21 school year, we want to assure parents that Pasco School District has options available for educating your students with virtual online learning through our Internet Pasco Academy of Learning (iPAL) for grades K-12, including a new K-5 virtual academy. If you would like more information about our elementary, middle school, and high school course offerings, or the iPAL program in general, please click on the icons below.

    K-5 Course Offerings  Middle School Course Offerings  High School Course Offerings  iPAL FAQs  Interested in Enrolling?

  • We are also looking to add other non-traditional education options in the future, depending on community interest. Those options may include a parent partnership option where home school parents partner with the district to build an individualized plan, often including some small class components or workshops offered at a district partnership site. A blended option where students would have the ability to take online course work and be homeschooled, and/or participate in the parent partnership offerings of small classes or workshops is also being explored.

    iPAL information for high school students is listed in the 2020-21 Course Guidebook on pages 59-64 for more information: (Link to Guidebook)

    For further information, please call iPAL administrator Deb Thurston at (509) 546-2810 or email us at ipal@psd1.org.