• Ms. Norwood is the 6th and 7th grade counselor, she works so hard to ensure the success of the students. She enjoys talking with the students about their goals and future. Her door is always open and she provides a warm welcoming environment to all students. You can find Ms. Norwood in her office in the library, or having lunch with students in the cafeteria.

    You can contact Ms. Norwood by phone or email.     

    (509)543-6798 ext. 4398

    Fun facts about Ms. Norwood

    • 6th grade counselor (last name A-L)
    • 7th grade counselor
    • Proud Washington State University Alumni. GO COUGS!
    • Attended Stevens when it was a Junior High
    • Supports all Pasco Athletics
    • Prank War Champion!
    • Stop by her office to talk about any of the above topics
  • Mr. Riojas, is the 8th grade counselor, he works diligently to secure the students success. He enjoys conversing with the students about daily life as well as their future goals. His door is always open, and provides a friendly welcoming environment to every student. You can find Mr. Riojas in his office which is in the 200 hallway or in the hallways during lunch chatting with students.

    You can contact Mr. Riojas by phone or email. 

    (509)543-6798 ext. 4333

     Fun Facts about Mr. Riojas!

    • 6th grade counselor (last name M-Z)
    • 8th grade counselor
    • Chess Coach
    • White belt in Taekwondo, Black Belt in Kindness
    • Natural Helper Advisor
    • Proud University of Washington Alumni. GO HUSKIES!
    • Stop by his office anytime to talk about any of the above subjects!
    • Likes Cheeseburgers with Pickles!