• 2022-2023 Highly Capable Referral Timeline

    22 english timeline

    Referrals ACCEPTED

    · September 26, 2022: Pasco School District’s official Highly Capable Referral Window Opens

    · All first and fifth grade students will be tested and considered for highly capable services. There is no need to refer  first grade or fifth grade students this school year.


    · October 28, 2022: Pasco School District’s official Highly Capable Referral Window Closes

    · Referrals turned in or post-marked after October 28, 2023 will not be tested until the 2023-2024 school year for services starting the 2024-2025 school year.


    Students Tested

    · November 21, 2022: CogAT testing begins. Testing facilitators at each school are responsible for scheduling and notifying parents of students’ testing date. 

    · The CogAT test is only ONE of multiple data points considered when determining a need for highly capable services.


    · January 20, 2023: Last day of the CogAT testing window.


    Eligibility Determined

    · Teachers of Pasco’s highly capable students, school psychologists, school and district administrators, specialists such as SPED, bilingual, and math specialists meet to review student data and make recommendations using a holistic case study review. This holistic case study review process examines up to three years of a student’s academic and cognitive test scores, comparing each student with others of their age, experiences, and environments (WAC 392-170-035).


    Parents Notified

    · June 30, 2023: Letters will be mailed to the mailing address on file for each student on or before this date. If you move during the school year, please update your mailing address with your child’s school. If you have not received a letter by this date informing you of which highly capable service your child has been recommended if any at all, please email HiCap@psd1.org as soon as possible.


    Services Begin

    · Students who are recommended a service by the selection committee have their services begin at the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year.