• Special Education Parent Navigator Program

    The Special Education Parent Navigator Program is a new approach by the Pasco School District to assist parents and guardians of students with an IEP (Individual Education Plan) to navigate the IEP process, and to increase the communication opportunities between families and their schools. This program connects trained and experienced Parent Navigators with parents and/or guardians who want support in their child's IEP and special education process.  

    Who is a Parent Navigator?

    Special Education Parent Navigators are parents/community members who reside in the Pasco School District. They have personal experience navigating the special education system. 

    Our navigators are volunteers who receive a minimum of 9 hours of training provided by the Pasco School District and Sound Options Group. This group is partially funded through OSPI to help increase effective communication between parents and the school district.

    Parent Navigator Do's and Don’ts

    A Special Education Parent Navigator DOES:

    • Work with parents/guardians at no cost to them.
    • Provide an impartial listening ear. 
    • Ask questions to help the parent/guardian identify and clarify concerns.
    • Problem solve and work with the parent/guardian to evaluate possible options for resolving issues that they have identified.
    • May accompany the parent/guardian to an IEP meeting or another meeting related to their child’s special education services. 
    • Support and empower the parent/guardian as the advocate for their child.
    • Maintain confidentiality of the family being served. 

    A Special Education Parent Navigator DOES NOT:

    • Provide legal advice.
    • Advocate or speak for the parent.

    How do families request a volunteer Parent Navigator? 

    Parents may call the Pasco School District Special Services office at (509) 543-6703 to be connected with a Parent Navigator.

    If you have any further questions, please contact Tracy Wilson, Executive Director of Special Services, at (509) 543-6703, or twilson@psd1.org.


Last Modified on September 26, 2018