Language is POWER Professional Development

    K-12 Teahcers

    Join us for Language Is POWER Trainings in English and Spanish to experience Biliteracy and OCDE Project GLAD® strategies that help our students acquire the language needed to reach their full potential. 

    Space is limited.

    To attend monthly sessions please register here.

    All Staff Professional Development

    As a staff acquire effective strategies to differentiate and scaffold the development of academic language and literacy; strengthening content comprehension.

    This training will be tailored to meet the needs of your staff and students.

    Please email Lisa Connolly to schedule.

    Team/Individual Planning Sessions

    OCDE Project GLAD® is a rigorous professional development model based on a collection of research-based, effective classroom strategies. It focuses on an integrated approach aimed at supporting language acquisition and proficiency in grade level standards.

    Please email one of the following coaches for scheduling.

    Neddy Martinez

    Osziel Garza 

    Lisa Connolly

    Become an OCDE Project GLAD® Certified Teacher

    The OCDE Project GLAD® Tier I consists of two parts. The first part is the 2-Day Research and Theory Training. The second part of the 4-Day Demonstration Lesson. 


    In the 2-Day Research and Theory Training, participants dialogue and learn with other professionals in the field about the research that supports the model and its development, planning support, an introduction to OCDE Project GLAD® units, and exposure to approximately thirty effective teaching strategies. 

    To express your interest in attending this training please contact your principal


    In the Four Day Demonstration Lesson, teachers observe students utilizing the strategies with a Project GLAD® trainer. The participants are supported by an OCDE Project GLAD® coach who will facilitate a deeper understanding of the strategies, thier variations, and engage participants in meaningful conversations around the model. During the afternoons of the demonstration, participants will begin planning and preparing materials to use in their classroom right away to effectively support application and implementation. Follow-up support is also an integral part of this process. Seeing successful strategies with the students is the most effective method of promoting change. 

    To express your interest in attending this training please contact your principal

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