• food service for students


Food Service for Students

  • Free lunches and breakfasts will be provided to all Pasco students in a 'Grab & Go' process at several schools and neighborhood locations, Monday through Friday. Social distancing protocols will be followed by staff. Students do not have to report to the school they attend, they can visit any school that may be closer to their home if that’s more convenient.

    Want to know what will be served each day before you head out to pick up your 'Grab & Go' meals? Visit the PSD Nutrislice Menu website: psd1.nutrislice.com

    Starting April 24, Pasco School District will expand our student food service program to provide free meals so Pasco children have food to eat every day of the week. When students pick up their ‘Grab & Go’ meals on Fridays, they will also pick up meals for Saturday and Sunday, so students will now head home with a total of three lunches and three breakfasts on Fridays.

    We have also made a change to our service to accommodate families with children who are sick. If your child is sick, you may pick up a meal for them even if they are not present at the pick-up location. The parent/guardian will be asked to verify with the on-site administrator that they have a child who could not be present.

    Pasco School District is committed to providing free meals for children through the school closure and look forward to supporting Pasco families during this challenging time. 

    School Distribution Locations (Meals served 11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.)

    • Angelou Elementary (Angelou/Delta HS students)
    • Chess Elementary (Chess/Stevens MS students)
    • Chiawana High School (Chiawana/Three Rivers students)
    • Curie STEM Elementary (Curie/Whittier/Ochoa MS students)
    • Emerson Elementary
    • Franklin STEM Elementary
    • Frost Elementary
    • Livingston Elementary (Livingston/McLoughlin MS students)
    • Longfellow Elementary
    • Markham Elementary
    • McClintock STEM Elementary
    • McGee Elementary
    • New Horizons High School
    • Pasco High School (PHS/Capt. Gray/Early Learning Ctr. students)
    • Robinson Elementary
    • Twain Elementary

    Neighborhood/Bus Stop Locations (Meals served starting at 11:00 a.m.)

    • Clark Addition
    • Flamingo Village
    • Lakeview
    • Tierra Vida
    • Texaco station at Eltopia Road and Glade Road intersection
    • Pasco-Kahlotus Highway at Peterson Road
    • Martindale Road off Pasco-Kahlotus Highway
    • Ice Harbor Road off Pasco-Kahlotus Highway
    • The Crossings at Chapel Hill Apartments
    • The Village Apartments on Chapel Hill Blvd.
    • Silver Creek Apartments on Chapel Hill Blvd.
    • Broadmoor Apartments on Chapel Hill Blvd.
    • Navigator Villas Apartments on Road 68
    • Stonegate Apartments on Road 68
    • Thistledown Drive & Pimlico Drive intersection
    • Woodbine Drive & Canterbury Lane intersection
    • Starlite Motel
    • Empire Drive & 5th Avenue
    • Schlagel Park (106 E. Washington St.) 
    • W. Washington St. & S. 13th Ave. intersection
    • W. B Street at Alley between 5th/6th Avenues 

    Additional food service operations will be determined based on need.

Local Food Banks