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  • Pasco School District remains dedicated to ensuring educational excellence for every student. During this school closure, our hope is that learning will continue, particularly in the core academic areas. This is not a replacement for classroom instruction.

    Pasco School District COVID-19 Closure Educational Services Plan

    Phase 1: Needs Assessment, Resource Deployment, and Communication Systems - COMPLETE

    We have: 

    • Assessed computer and internet access needs for individual households  
    • Developed an online learning resource page on our website for families  
    • Deployed printed learning materials via our Grab and Go food sites and neighborhood delivery 
    • Set up systems of one-way communication including email, social media, and our PSD App  
    • Set up two-way communication with students and families including, PSD Hotline (546-6061), Technology Help Desk (543-6710), and personalized contact with more than 1,000 migrant, homeless and unaccompanied youth. 

    Phase 2: Mobilizing Educational Resources for Families with an Eye on Equity - COMPLETE

    We have:

    • Developed a plan for laptop distribution for households who do not have access to a device 
    • Planned for continuous updating of the online educational resources for parents on our website  
    • Prepared for weekly deployment of self-directed and/or adult-directed resources for reinforcement of learning 
    • Prepared a sample daily learning schedule by grade band (K-2, 3-5, 6-8) including a list of resources and activities for non-digital options and links of digital resources  
    • Planned development and distribution of weekly printed learning materials via our Grab and Go food sites and neighborhood delivery 
    • Week of March 23-26: ELA and math activities for grades K-5 
    • Weeks of March 30-April 24: ELA and math activities grades K-8 

    Phase 3: Development of Educational Services with Focus on Extensions & New Learning of Priority Learning Standard - UNDERWAY 

    In addition to the Phase 2, we are: 

    • Preparing district developed and district deployed weekly elementary lessons for grades K-6 focused on English Language Arts, Mathematics and Social-Emotional Learning 
    • Preparing district developed and district deployed weekly middle school lessons for grades 7-8 focused on English Language Arts, Enrichment (focused on Related Arts), Mathematics and Social-Emotional Learning 
    • Preparing district developed and district deployed weekly high school lessons focused on individual courses or grouped courses (based on shared standards) and Social-Emotional Learning 
    • Continuing to work with higher education partners and will make every effort to maintain opportunities for students to earn college credits  

    Phase 4: Integration of OSPI’s Guidance for Assessment of Learning - UNDER CONSIDERATION