New Horizons ATP

  • Hello and Welcome to New Horizons ATP!

    ATP is Action Team for Partnerships.

    Please, join our efforts to expand the opportunities for students and families!
    Phone number: 509-543-6796
    ATP Chair: Carol Travis and Maria Mendoza
    1. Increase the number of students that pass the writing HSPE and the math EOC by 5%.
    2. Increase the percentage of students passing the reading HSPE from 31.8% to 40%.
    3. Provide 30 activities that involve at least 46 students during the course of the school year.
    4. 7 events will be held that involve 3 community partners.
    December 9th
    January 16th
    February 6th
    March 13th
    April 17th
    May 8th
    All meetings are at 4:30 in the New Horizons Staff Lounge. Please Join us!
    PEAK! Partners
    All Star Motors
    U.S. Cellular YL