K-8 Grading Framework During COVID-19 Closure

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    Pasco School District is committed to providing every student the opportunity to continue to engage in learning through the remainder of this school year. Our at-home learning program will continue to focus on critical core learning standards, and learning activities provided by the district and teachers to help students progress in their learning and prepare for the next level.   

    Grading for Elementary and Middle School Students 

    Students in Kindergarten-8th Grade will progress to the next grade level for the 2020-21 school year. In alignment with OSPI’s rules, no student will receive an “F” grade. Instead, students have two options: 

    Option 1: Maintain Their Passing Grade  

    A passing Trimester 2 (Elementary) or Quarter 3 (Middle School) grade will carry forward to the final grading period. For example, if a student had a “3” for Reading during Trimester 2, they will receive a “3” for reading for Trimester 3. For those with letter grades, if a student had a “B” grade during Trimester 2 or Quarter 3, they will receive a “B” grade for Trimester 3 or Quarter 4/Semester 2.  

    Option 2: Improve Their Grade  

    Students may choose to improve their grade by completing the weekly assignments posted on the district website or communicated from their teacher(s). Teachers are not required to determine letter grades for each individual assignment provided to students. However, they will assign the final letter grade for the term. 

    Grading for Middle School Students in High School Credit-Bearing Courses 

    A passing Quarter 3 grade will carry forward to the final grading period. For example, if a student had a “B” grade for third quarter, the Quarter 4 grade will also be a “B.” Students may also choose to utilize Option 2 (above) to improve their final grade in these courses. 

    PSD Equity-Informed Grading Guidance During COVID-19 School Closure 

    Consistent with Pasco School District’s guiding principles of compassion and common sense during the COVID-19 school closure, this framework ensures equity, access, and individual student/family circumstances are considered when assigning final grades. 

    This outline complements our critical mission to ensure all students remain engaged and progressing with their learning during the school closure, while accommodating for the barriers that may inhibit some students from participating fully in their learning. 

    Staff will consider if a student’s personal situation may have hindered his/her ability to fully participate and engage with the content and/or teacher. 

    Important equity questions to consider include: 

    • Are there individual student factors such as EL, homeless, IEP, 504, etc.? 
    • What is the student’s home life/living situation? 
    • Is there an adult at home to support the student’s learning? 
    • Is the student providing sibling supervision or supporting their family in other ways? 
    • Are experiential or other environmental factors affecting the student’s ability to participate? 
    • Are there mental health needs, medication, or other factors that cannot be adequately met during this time? 
    • What might we not know about a student’s situation?