• iPAL Pasco Academy of Learning - K-12 Online Learning Program

  • iPAL FAQs

    Q: How much time will iPAL take each day? 

    A: It really varies based on student and family needs, but the general answer is about 4-5 hours daily.  The Student Learning Plan that is created will define the time plus the use of the course calendar within the course will guide each students’ time management and progress.

    Q: Which curriculum option will work best for my child? 

    A: We have a few options for families to choose from and will work with you based on your needs to decide on one during the family intake meeting.  Please see the offerings listed on the website. 

    Q: How long does the family intake meeting take? 

    A: The intake process is a relationship building opportunity for iPAL and the family.  We don’t want to rush families so the meeting can take 30-60 minutes based on questions families have.  We want to make sure you are comfortable and ready to move forward after the intake meeting.  Depending upon the Phase we are in and the comfort of the family, intake meetings will be online or in person as decided by all. 

    Q: My student is HiCAP, how can iPAL support them? 

    A: iPAL works closely with HiCAP staff at the district office to ensure student’s needs are met.  We can adapt curriculum to be more challenging as well as discuss advanced placement options with families as appropriate. 

    Q: If my child enrolls in iPAL until school is open again, will they lose their spot in the Two-Way Dual Language program?

    A:  If the student is enrolling in iPAL and staying within the Pasco School District, their spot will be held for them to return to at their home school. 
    If the student enrolls outside the district, their spot would be given up and should they return, they would have to be placed on the "wait list" to get back in at their home school. 

    Q:  My child is part of the Spectrum program, will they lose their spot if they are enrolled in iPAL?

    A:  If students vacate their Spectrum placement, they will be placed on the wait list.  There would be no guaranteed spot upon returning to the home school, but they would still be served in high cap services while enrolled in iPAL.

    Q:  Is there a Dual Language opportunity at iPAL?

    A:  While we do not have teachers teaching in a dual language setting, the course work can be translated into other languages where reading content, quizzes and tests  are in the learning management system and students can change it to their language of choice. This does not apply to videos accessed in the curriculum.

    Q: My student has an IEP, can they still do iPAL? 

    A: iPAL staff works closely with SpEd department staff to ensure iPAL is an appropriate placement option for the student.  We want to ensure the student is placed in the best environment for learning for the student.  If iPAL is deemed to be an appropriate placement option, we work with the family and a certified SpEd teacher to ensure minutes and needs are met. 

    Q: How long will we have to decide if we want to enroll our children in one of the online learning options?   

    A: Parents can enroll their students starting in August.  Facilitators will start making calls to families that indicate they are enrolling two weeks prior to school starting. We operate with an open enrollment policy throughout the year, so parents can decide at any point.We do encourage enrollment after the beginning of the year happen at quarter/trimester marks but is not a rule. 

    Q: Could iPAL enrollment be part time?   

    A: For the 2020-2021 school year starting online, we will need to enroll K-5 students at a full-time capacity. Grades 6-12 will still be able to have the option to be shared with their home school.

    Q: Can my student start online only and then switch back to their home school halfway through the year? 

    A: Yes, iPAL is an open enrollment system.  Recommendations would be to transition back at Quarter for Elementary or Trimester for MS/HS timelines. 

    Q: If a student is enrolled in iPAL, Virtual Elementary or Parent Partnership would they also attend at their home school?  

    A: Parents can choose either a full-time iPAL enrollment done through iPAL only, or a part-time enrollment where the students would attend some iPAL online classes, and attend part-time to their home school, so the student is “shared” between the schools.  Some choose to do home schooling part time and iPAL. 

    Q: Will iPAL still be the same, where there will be a physical lab at the school that students can attend for “teacher help” when needed?  

    A: Yes, but only at the middle and high schools.  The elementary teachers have done “check-ins” at the McLoughlin iPAL site or online with families. 

    Q: Is space limited? 

    A: No, students will be scheduled to check-in or test depending upon the phase due to COVID, which could be online or by appointment to limit the number of individuals in the classroom at one time at least once a week.Currently, there is no enrollment number cap to the iPAL program. 

    Q: This may have been discussed already but if families decide to do online exclusively will the child be able to participate in school activities such as sports and clubs, etc. ? 

    A: Yes, Pasco students in iPAL have all the opportunities to attend athletics, club/leadership organizations or other activities at their home school connection. 

    Q: Would classes like band be offered if iPal was chosen?    

    A: Band is not available through iPAL at this time and would still need to be accessed through the home school. 

    Q: “My son participated in that summer iPal algebra program two years ago...is this the same thing or have improvements been made to that platform? Would iPAL students be able to be bussed in for check ins or would that be done online? Especially with a 504 student in a wheelchair accessible bus.”  

    A: iPAL has changed the curriculum provideand it is listed on the iPAL website.  The provider is Edgenuity and their content is more robust and interactive with video, translation tools for Spanish, Russian etc. Students and parents have responded positively about this Learning Management System, so it is different than what was offered 2 years ago.  

    iPAL enrollments can be part time at the home school and part time iPAL.  The course work is virtual and designed for a learning coach at home to support the learning for our students in partnership with the iPAL teacher.  There may be times to do the check-in for K-5 students, but the course work can all be done online.  The iPAL lab plan in returning is to primarily be virtual unless our middle school/high school students need quizzes/tests that are to be proctored and then an arrangement will be made with the parents to determine best way to test.