How to Launch Print Shop Electronic Software


    • On your desktop select “My Apps”


    • Now select “Prisma Direct – Print Shop” app


     Filling out the personal profile and placing an order

    • You will be asked for your location. Enter your school name and Click “save” at bottom of screen.

     Note: Once you have completed the initial setup you will not see this screen to enter location again.   If you change schools and need to change location, you can edit in the user profile.

    •  Choose an order form by selecting a Daily or Non-Daily tile.  


    • Once you have chosen daily or non-daily form, a ticket screen will come up displaying only options available for either Daily or Non-Daily orders.


     How to add a digital file (originals) to the order ticket:

    • Click on Digital File button and then Browse to a PDF to be printed. (if it is not a PDF it cannot be printed)


    • Once you have selected the PDF to be printed click on the “Open”.  Your original(s) are now attached to the order form.


    • Note:  You can combine several PDF’s to create the final document to be printed by clicking on Digital File again. You can move the files to accomplish the desired order of the pages.


    • Complete job order form. Printing options will depend on daily or non-daily order form. After completing order form click on “Add” button.


    • Your order is now in your “basket”. You must select “Checkout” and then “submit” to complete the order. NOTE: You will not be able place another print order until previous order has been checked out. An error message stating “You have reached your maximum of jobs per order” will appear.


    • Note: You will be asked for school location on each print order form from the drop-down menu. This ensures proper delivery. (Your email will populate automatically.)


     Helpful Hints:

    •  Manage your submitted print jobs by selecting “My orders.” Non-Daily orders can be changed or cancelled until order has been given a due date and excepted. (following day) Daily orders can be changed or cancelled up until order has been printed.


    •  While setting up your job on the order form, you can view attached originals to see how your job will be printed. Example: With non-daily orders, you can see staple position on originals, hole punch position, paper color, etc.


    •  Order tickets need to be programed how you want the job to be printed. Jobs are released directly to machines and will print according to how order tickets are filled out. If your completed job is printed incorrect please see your order ticket.


    •  Reminder that there is no submitting of print orders on Thursdays for all secondary schools and Fridays for all elementary schools. Orders submitted on off days will not be completed and will need to be resubmitted.


    • For a complete set of Print Shop Guidelines and turnaround times, please see our page on the PSD website.org/Departments/Print Shop

     Note: You must be signed in as a user to see complete guidelines.