• Welcome to langauage resources and services!

    At Mac we have a variety of languages so we are always pushing the bar when it comes to serving our families the best way we can. Here are some apps that you can use at home when you need to have a assignment translated quickly, or a flyer that you need in another language besides English or Spanish. 



    Get Translator - Microsoft Store

    In our multi-lingual classroom we often resort to a translator for quick responses. This app is in the app store and can be downloaded to any phone, tablet, or device. We highly reccommend this app when looking for translating services.

    Microsoft Office Lens - PDF Scanner - Apps on Google Play

    Here at Mac we love to use Office Lens. Often times we will take pictures of documents and use the immersive reader to help us listen to documents instead of read them. Families that are looking for an app that will read documents will find this app helpful. Here in Pasco we are a Microsoft district, this means that all of our students devices come with the ability to download these apps and use them easily and effortlessly. This app also allows you to transfer a document, upload it to One Note and use the translator tool to read it to you in your preferred language.