• Financial Aid/Ayuda Financiera
                   FAFSA = Free Application for Federal Student Aid
                    WASFA = Washington Application for State Financial Aid  
    FAFSA/WASFA Opens October 1st, 2022

    Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 
    Federal Student Aid, a part of the U.S. Department of Education, is the largest provider of student financial aid in the nation. At the office of Federal Student Aid, our 1,200 employees help make college education possible for every dedicated mind providing more than $150 billion in federal grants, loans, and work-study funds each year to more than 13 millions students paying for college or career school. We are proud to sponsor millions of Americans in pursing their educational dreams.
    Federal Student Aid is responsible for managing the student financial assistance programs authorized under Title IV of Higher Education Act of 1965. These programs provide grants, loans, and work-study funds to students attending college or career school.
    We ensure student and their families can benefit from these programs by:
    • informing students and families about the availability of the federal student aid programs and the process for applying for and receiving aid from those programs;
    • developing the FREE Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA*) and processing approximately 22 million FAFSA submissions each year;
    • accurately disbursing, reconciling, and accounting for all federal student aid funds that are delivered to students each year through more than 6,200 colleges and career schools,
    • managing the outstanding federal student loan portfolio and securing repayment from federal student loan borrowers;
    • offering free assistance to students, parents, and borrowers throughout the entire financial aid process; and
    • providing oversight and monitoring of all programs participants-schools, financial entities, and students - to ensure compliance with the laws, regulations and policies governing the federal student aid programs.

    Types of Aid

    • Financial aid is money to help pay for college or career school. Aid can come from:
      • the U.S. federal government
      • the state where you live
      • the college you attend, or
      • a nonprofit or private organization 
    College Deadline - Check with the college(s) you are interested in attending. You may also want to ask your college about its definition of an application deadline - whether it is the date the college receives your FAFSA, or the date your FAFSA is processed.
    To apply for federal student aid, you need to complete the FAFSA
    1.) Create a New FSA ID (An FSA ID gives you access to Federal Student Aid's online systems and can serve as your legal signature. https://fsaid.ed.gov
    2.) FREE FAFSA application https://fafsa.ed.gov
    Completing and submitting the FAFSA is free and quick, and it gives you access to the largest source of financial aid pay for college or career school. In addition, many states and college use your FAFSA data to determine your eligibility for state and school aid, and some private financial aid providers may use your FAFSA information to determine whether you qualify for their aid.
    Why Should I Fill Out The FAFSA?
    If you don't fill out the FAFSA, you could be missing out on a lot of financial aid! We've heard a number of reasons students think they shouldn't complete the FAFSA. Here are a few:
    • "I (or my parents) make too much money, so I won't qualify for aid."
    • "Only students with good grades get financial aid."
    • "The FAFSA is too hard to fill out."
    • "I'm too old to qualify for financial aid."

    If you think any of these statement apply to you, then you should ready Myths About Financial Aid. The reality is, EVRYONE who's getting ready to go to college or career school should fill out the FAFSA! For more information visit: https://studentaid.ed.gov

    Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA)

    State Financial Aid for DREAMers
    Eligibility for several Washington State financial aid programs has expanded to include students who are ineligible for federal financial aid due to immigration status. Students who meet individual program, income or residency requirements for the State Need Grant, the College Bound Scholarship, State Work Study, or Passport Scholarship should complete the free WASFA (Washington Application for State Financial Aid) to apply for state financial aid.
    It's no secret: college can be expensive. But don't let the cost of a college education put your goals out of reach. There are many resources available to help you achieve your dreams. On Ready Set Grad you will learn about state and federal financial aid programs and find plenty of helpful tips and information along the way.
    For more information visit: https://wsac.wa.gov/wasfa

     Which application does a student fill out FAFSA/WASFA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgJpbMhRyCI&feature=youtu.be