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    What is Advisory - CHS Flight Plan?

    Advisory Flight Plan lessons are for all students, created for the purpose of meeting their High School And Beyond Plan Graduation Requirement.  Advisory lessons are grade specific and taught twice a month in Advisory class.  Attendance to Advisory is mandatory.

    The High School & Beyond Plan, a graduation requirement, helps students get the most out of high school and think about their future. Students will create their own individual plan, the “personalized pathway", throughout high school and revise their plan annually to accommodate changing interests or postsecondary goals on what they expect to do the year following graduation from high school. The postsecondary aspirations may include pathways for application to four-year colleges or universities, two-year community or technical colleges, apprenticeship programs, industry standard certificate programs, military training, or on-the-job training.  

    By participating in Advisory lessons, and completing Advisory tasks, students will meet their High School and Beyond Plan Graduation Requirement. For a list of Flight Plan lessons by grade, click the Advisory tabs to the left to find each grade level High School & Beyond (HSBP) Checklist.


  • College & Career Flight Plan - Advisory Monthy Themes

    September - CULTIVATE (discovery of school facts and resources)

    October- NAVIGATE (learn how to use resources)

    November - INCORPORATE (goals and grit plans)

    December - PARTICPATE (research and reveal)

    January - RE-EVALUATE (revisit goals, registration and resources)

    February - INVESTIGATE (career planning- research and resources)

    March - DEDICATE (dig deep and complete)

    April - COMMUNICATE (work on knowldge of 21st century skills)

    May - CELEBRATE (finish specific year end items and celebrate accomplishments)

    June - CONTEMPLATE (What can I do in the summer for next steps?)