• Identification for Highly Capable Services

    Pasco School District uses multiple measures to identify students who perform or show potential for performing at significantly advanced levels when compared with others of their age, experiences or environments. These measures include a standardized cognitive ability test and state or national achievement tests. In addition to ability and achievement tests, the Washington English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA 21) is used to evaluate students with a first language other than English, to determine their ability for rapid language acquisition, which can be a characteristic of highly capable learners.

    Students who qualify for Highly Capable Program services and qualify for either special education services or a 504 plan are referred to as twice-exceptional students. Data available for these students may be used in the identification process when relevant to determining a need for Highly Capable Program services.

    A Multidisciplinary Selection Committee (MSC) of qualified personnel (WAC 392-170-055; 392-170-170) determines which students meet the Highly Capable definition based on all the information available. No single test score can qualify or disqualify a student from highly capable services.