(Aug. 29- Oct 21 2022)

    Head Coach: Brandon Hoeft Bhoeft@psd1.org 

    Ray Reynolds Soccer info 2022-23 School year

    Reynold’s Girl Soccer Expectations 

    Welcome to Reynolds this fall season of Girls Soccer. My name is Brandon Hoeft and I am the Head Coach and my assistant coach is Miss Verduzco. Both of us are teachers at Reynolds and are accessible via email to be contacted. Below you will see the expectations we have this year for our girls. 


    • Academics is #1. If you are failing, I expect you to be working with that teacher after school to understand what you need to do to raise that grade. Signed note from teacher if working with them after school. 

    • Be on time and prepared to practice/bus. (Cleats, shin guards, socks, water bottle and healthy snack). 

    • Must be at practice to play. If not, communicate with coaches on why and have a note signed by parent, email is good from parents also. 

    • Try your best We are all learning as a team and seeing new skills/philosophies. Use the mistakes as a learning opportunity. 

    • Positive comments always, build each other up do not tear your team down.  

    • Effort helps your play time. If you are not trying at practice or are absent a lot, do not expect a lot of play time.  


    If you have questions that you would like to ask, ask us, however, if you are heated about an issue we would like you to wait a day so we can have a more productive conversation. As for safety concerns and those issues please let us know. We do not want any athletes hurt or to feel unsafe.  

    Again, thank you all for coming and being ready to participate with us this year in making another great year of Lady Grizzlies Soccer.