Theme of the year- Celebrate your decisions

    (12th grade Advisory Flight Plan assignments are sent to each 12th grade student via email)

    Click the link below for the 12th grade High School & Beyond Plan Checklist ( topics and assignments covered in Advisory this year):

    12th Grade HSBP Checklist

    All graduating seniors will be required to participate in a 7 to 10-minute Senior Exit Interview with a staff member.  Senior Exit Interview instructions will be provided in Advisory class and via email to all seniors (including Running Start and iPal).  Senior Exit Interview documents needed for your interview:

    • Completed Action Plan
    • Completed Resume (Bring updated and current resume created in Financial Literacy or other)
    • Proof of Pathway- College, Military or Career Path (completed applications/acceptance letters aka proof of action toward chosen path)
    • Reflection Letter

    Schedule for Advisory Students (click the link below and find your Advisory class teacher to see what day your Senior Exit Interview will be- either May 6th, 13th or 20th ):

    2022 Senior Exit Interview Advisory Schedule

    • If you are a Running Start or iPal student you are invited to attend one of the Senior Exit Advisory days. If one of the Advisory dates do not work for you, please contact Ana Tuiaea-Ruud aruud@psd1.org
    • If you are an Advisory student and miss your scheduled Senior Interview Exit time, you may attend on a different Friday during Advisory
    • TriTech students are exempt from the Senior Exit Interview since they are already doing a High School & Beyond Plan Senior Portfolio 
    • If these dates do not work for you, please contact Ana Tuiaea-Ruud aruud@psd1.org to schedule a makeup time


    12th Grade Graduation and Support Team

    There are many people in the building that you will need to speak with to help you prepare for post high school career.
    Familiarize yourself with the names on the list so when you have a question you know where to go.

    Jaime Morales- Chiawana Principal Main office. It is always good to know who your principal is.

    Jessica Rodriguez- Secretary to the principal Main Office

    Phil Koestner- Class of 2023 Administrator

    Jessica Farías- Secretary (when you have a question go here first)

    Mary Gutierrez, Tino Barrera, Tim Haugen- Class of 2023 Counselors - important to discuss schedules and graduation requirements needed for graduation, SAT/ACT sign-ups and fee waivers, college application information, FAFSA/WASFA

    Janet Bueno- Student Academic Specialist (SAS)

    TBD- Dean of Students

    Kate Hetzer- Class of 2023 Class advisor Main Office, Nurse

    Mike Brown- Scholarship/military specialist Student Services Military connections, college application help, scholarship help, SAT/ACT sign-up, fee waivers, FAFSA/WASFA help See him early and often for scholarship details and fee waivers

    Ana Tuiaea-Ruud- CTE Community Engagement Coordinator Student Services
    Work authorization sign-off, weekly college & career newsletter, career resource specialist

    Margarita Mendoza- Registrar Student Services

    TBD- Gear-Up Program for Class of 2023 Student Services

    TBD- Communities in Schools Site Director Student Services, Communities in schools is a free resource for students and families to remove barriers that may jeopardize their academic success.

    Carla Lamberto- ASB Office Fines and Fees payments go here to get your diploma after graduation all fines must be paid in full.

    Bobbi Buttars- Activities/Leadership Teacher Leadership room- Assemblies, activities coordinator: Senior Fest, Graduation specialist

    Your advisory teacher- this teacher will be able to answer your questions with all things High School and Beyond (Flight Plan) advisory or be able to send you to someone who knows. This teacher will also be helping you with your Character Strong lessons.