"NEL Foundation Scholarship"
    Deadline: 07/01/21
    (2) $1000.00 Award
    2021 Nu Epsilon Lambda Foundation Scholarship.  This scholarship is awarded to male African-American students who have demonstrated outstanding abilities and achievements in pursuit of their academic and/or career goals.
    Merit- An applicant’s merit will be determined by considering the student’s academic progress as evidenced by grades and academic recognitions. For example, science fair competitions or debate team awards will be considered. Consideration will be awarded on a competitive basis with grade point average (GPA) serving as a substantial indicator of academic achievement. A GPA of at least 3.00 or better is highly recommended. Other factors also being considered will be, community service involvement and extracurricular activities.
    Financial Need -Financial need will be factored in by taking into consideration the student’s financial support from parents, friends and relatives. The applicant should also consider work plans while on campus and other possible sources of support:
    (1) Applicant will submit a written letter to the (EAC) requesting financial assistance. The financial need letter should include such topics as his college goals and a financial plan(s) as to how he might achieve those goals.
    (2) Financial need awards are not necessarily limited to books and supplies
    Submittal Process:
    (1) A scholarship request must be submitted by way of a Scholarship Application. A complete list of items required for the Scholarship Package submittal is shown on the next page of this document.
    (2) Applicant must show proof of acceptance into an accredited college or university
    (3) Please Note: Any missing items not provided in the initial application submittal VOIDS the entire application. Please do it correctly the first time.
     A Scholarship ‘Theme Essay’ Submittal is Required:
    "The essay should address the following topic: Why should young men of AfricanAmerican descent finish high school and then go on to college?"(Minimum: 300 words).

    "The Gates Scholarship "
    Opens 07/15/2022
    High GPA Apply 
    Phase I of The Gates Scholarship application is due Wednesday, September 15, 2021, 5:00PM PT. Phase I of the application will take you only 30-45 minutes to complete and does not require essays or recommendations. 
    The Gates Scholarship (TGS) is a highly selective, last-dollar scholarship for outstanding, minority, high school seniors from low-income households. Each year, the scholarship is awarded to 300 of these student leaders, with the intent of helping them realize their maximum potential. 
    Scholars will receive funding for the full cost of attendance* that is not already covered by other financial aid and the expected family contribution, as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), or the methodology used by a Scholar’s college or university.
    *Cost of attendance includes tuition, fees, room, board, books, and transportation, and may include other personal costs.
    Basic Eligiblity: 
    To apply, students must be:
     A high school senior
    From at least one of the following ethnicities: African-American, American Indian/Alaska Native*, Asian & Pacific Islander American, and/or Hispanic American
    A US citizen, national, or permanent resident
    In good academic standing with a minimum cumulative weighted GPA of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent)
    Additionally, a student must plan to enroll full-time, in a four-year degree program, at a US accredited, not-for-profit, private or public college or university.
    *For American Indian/Alaska Native, proof of tribal enrollment will be required.
    An outstanding academic record in high school (in the top 10% of his/her graduating class)
    Demonstrated leadership ability (e.g., as shown through participation in community service, extracurricular, or other activities)
    Exceptional personal success skills (e.g., emotional maturity, motivation, perseverance, etc

    "Horatio Alger Career & Technical Scholarship "
    Opens 09/15/2021
    (500 schoalrships at up to $2,500 each)
    The Career & Technical Scholarship Program is funded through the generosity of Horatio Alger Association Members, Jim F. Dicke II and Dennis Washington.  Scholarships are awarded to students who have faced and overcome great obstacles in their lives who wish to pursue a career or technical education at an accredited non-profit post-secondary institution in the United States. 
    Eligibility Criteria:
    • Have completed high school (or earned a high school equivalency credential)
    • Enrolled in eligible program in Fall 2021
    • Exhibit a strong commitment to pursue and complete a career or technical program (up to 2 years) at an accredited non-profit post-secondary institution in the United States
    • Demonstrated critical financial need (must be eligible to receive the Federal Pell grant as determined by completion of the FAFSA)
    • Demonstrated perseverance in overcoming adversity
    • Be under the age of 30
    • Be a United States citizen

    Funds may be used for tuition, fees, books and supplies.  All scholarship funds are paid directly to the institution on behalf of the recipient.

    The CTE application is now open with a priority deadline of July 15 (applications will continue to be awarded on a rolling basis until all awards have been claimed). 

    "Quit Smoking Scholarship"
    Deadline: 07/21/21
    (Awards: $1,500 / $1,000 / $500) 

    Smoking has always been regarded as one of the deadliest habits in the world. Although aware of this, people still find it difficult to quit as it is not easy to overcome this kind of kind of addiction that has become a part of their lifestyle.

    The Quit Smoking Community aims to educate people about the health benefits of quitting by providing articles that can guide people on their journey to finally end this bad habit.

    Realizing this commitment, they have launched a scholarship program worth $3,000 to be awarded to several students who can create the best awareness campaign on the hazards of smoking. There will be 3 successful students who will win the scholarship.

    They will be given $1,500, $1,000 and $500 respectively. The deadline for the submission of application will be on (July 21, 2021) for the Fall 2020 Semester and January 21, 2022 for the Spring 2021 Semester.  

    Winners will also be announced on our before July 31 of this year for the Fall semester and December 10 next year for the Spring semester.

    What To Do: 
    The applicant shall write an essay discussing the hazards of smoking. They can also share their own ideas that can inspire smokers to quit.
    The essay should consist of about 750-1500 words, all original ideas, carefully written and well presented.
    For the entry to be valid, the student should comply with the Rules and Regulations set by the community.
    Download and accomplish the Scholarship Contest Application Form.
    After completing the Application Form and the essay, you may email them to scholarship@quitsmokingcommunity.org
    Strictly one essay per applicant only. 

    "Learner Education Women in Mathematics Scholarship."
    Deadline: 07/31/21
    We can all benefit from having more women entering the math field. Gender diversity introduces new perspectives, enabling us to better solve the complex problems of the future and provide those who have often been overlooked the opportunity to succeed in these fields. To contribute to a better future for women in math, the Learner Women in Mathematics Scholarship will be awarded to one woman who is pursuing a career in a math-related field and is extremely ambitious about the feats she will accomplish in
    To be eligible for this role you should:
    Be a current high school senior.
    Plan to study mathematics or related fields.
    Are an undergraduate currently studying in these fields.
    How to apply:
    Click the Apply Now button below.
    You will be redirected to Bold.org. Create a profile to start the application process.
    Write about what draws you to math and how certain principles in math have shaped your understanding of the world around you.
    Submit your application!