• Do you have a job? You could get HS credit for it through Worksite Learning!

    Photo of student at work

    Pictured: CHS Worksite Learning Student, Gracie Bolson



    Contact Information

    Kathey Hatfield 
    Location: Portable 12
    Phone: 509-543-6770 ext 5786
    Ana Tuiaea-Ruud
    Location: Student Services, Office 1178
    Phone: 509-543-6770 ext 5697

    Worksite Learning extends the classroom into the workplace, connecting acquired knowledge and skills to a student's future employment.

    Benefits of Worksite Learning

    Students who participate in worksite learning connected to their school programs may:

    • Show improved academic achievement.
    • Realize the relevance of their education and apply acquired knowledge in a meaningful way.
    • Have the opportunity to explore career options.
    • Increase self-confidence.
    • Acquire real workplace experience and employability skills.
    • Connect with an adult role model.
    • Be more likely to go on to some type of educational training after high school.

    Worksite Learning Specifics:

    • Students can earn .5 credit for 180 hours of completed approved work time, up to 1.5 credits per year.
    • Students must be employed in a job related to their High School & Beyond Plan career goal.
    • Students must be taking or have taken a qualifying CTE class in the same area of employment.
    • Students have a signed and completed Worksite Learning Contract on file.

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