• New Hire Benefits

    Congratulations on your new position with Pasco School District.

    Step 1: Please review the SEBB Enrollment Guide 2022

    Some important pages to note:

    • Pages 33-35 will show which counties accept which insurance plans
    • Pages 40-45 include plan comparisons
    • Pages 46-47 include dental plans
    • Pages 48-51 include vision plans

    Step 2: Register and log in to SEBB My Account to select your benefits. 

    Step 3: Optional Life Insurance and AD&D, see page 51-55 of your SEBB enrollment guide above.

    Step 4: Flexible Spending Account & Health Savings Account

    Information on this can be found in the SEBB Enrollment Guide. Here are the enrollment forms if you choose to   participate in one of them. Please note, you only have 30 days from your hire date to make these elections.

    Step 5: AFLAC

    Please note, PSD does not oversee this benefit, we cannot start deductions without AFLAC requesting it and we cannot end the deductions.

    Step 6: Retirement (This is only for new staff members that have never established a TRS or SERS plan.)

    • You have 90 days from your hire date to make your plan selection.
    • During that waiting period, you will have funds deducted to plan 2 for retirement until you make a selection.
    • If no selection is made, you will default to Plan 2. No changes can be made once you are defaulted.

    Plan Choice Guide: DRS Plan Choice Guide

    To enroll, please complete and return the enrollment and beneficiary forms, found at the end of the guide, to the Benefit Email

    Optional Retirement Savings Plan
    DCP Information: DCP (wa.gov)
    DCP Enrollment Form: DCP Quick Enrollment Form (wa.gov)