• FCS Courses available:

    If you are new to Pasco, you are required to complete all the Fundamental Course of Study (FCS) trainings this school year.  Pasco provides these trainings. There are 12 courses that equal 28 hours of training.  Courses are posted on LearnPSD for you to sign up so you will need to check frequently. 

    If you are a para who has not completed all 28 hours of FCS, you are required to do so this year. You earn hours and pay for your time if the courses are outside of your contracted days/time.  You must check in and out of each class to earn your hours. Once you have completed your FCS hours for this year, you will need to upload your transcript from LearnPSD into Laserfische and document each training to earn your pay.  You can add dates to one of the Laserfische forms. Your secretary can assist you.

    See the document below for the current schedule of FCS courses being offered in August for paraeducators hired in the 2022-23 & 2023-24 school years. This will be updated. 

    FCS Courses for 23-24- COMING SOON