General Paraeducator Certificate 

    You are required to take 14 hours of training that have clock hours attached to them as part of the General Para Certificate (GPC).  You are encouraged to attend your building retreat, which is worth 6 hours. During the year, you will need to sign up for and take trainings that are offered as long as they are open to anyone. Courses listed on LearnPSD have been approved for clock hours. Our biliteracy coaches offer several trainings during year that offer clock hours that are for paras. They are posted on LearnPSD as well.  

    Please check the SELF-DIRECTED CATALOG in LEARNPSD as well.  These courses allow you to work independently to earn clock hours.

    Please remember that you need to complete the FCS classes first.

    Extra duty pay is available for any off-contracted worktime hours, 14 hours per year. You need to keep track of your courses and submit a transcript from Employee Online or LearnPSD through LaserFiche for compensation when you have completed 14 hours .