HIV/AIDS Curriculum

  • OSPI provides technical assistance and support to schools by promoting best practices in HIV/AIDS prevention and sexual health education that are consistent with state requirements.

    Washington state law requires annual HIV/AIDS prevention education beginning in grade 5, in accordance with the AIDS Omnibus Act(link is external). The KNOW curriculum is one option for meeting HIV/AIDS prevention requirements in grades 5-8.

Current HIV/AIDS Intructional Materials 2021 2022

7 8 KNOW Curriculum
  • HIV/AIDS PSD Overview

    Despite the progress that has been made in understanding and treating HIV / AIDS, this virus continues to claim many lives every year. Education remains our best hope for curbing the spread of HIV / AIDS and minimizing the physical, social and emotional effects of this devastating illness.

    General Background:

    • The Aids Omnibus Bill, passed in 1988 requires that all students in grades 5 – 12 receive HIV/AIDs instruction annually.
    • Per state law, a parent preview is scheduled in the fall of each year, and parents are invited to the Booth Building to preview all instructional materials. HIV/AIDS classroom instruction may not begin until at least 30 days after the parent preview.
    • Parents may exempt their children from mandatory HIV/AIDS instruction only if they have attended the parent preview, reviewed materials and signed a district approved exemption form.
    • School nurses notify teachers of any of the students in their classrooms who are exempted from instruction.


    • A minimum of 2 hours of instruction are required annually for student’s grades 5 – 12. More time can be used at teacher’s discretion.
    • Boys and girls are taught together by the designated classroom teacher.
    • Teachers must provide alternate, appropriate coursework in an alternate setting for exempted students.

    Instructional Materials

    PSD has adopted the KNOW HIV / STD Prevention curriculum. This curriculum was developed by OSPI and approved for medical accuracy by the Department of Health.

    • Only PSD approved materials may be used for this course. Alternate curricular materials, videos, pamphlets, fliers, guest speakers or other are not allowed.
    • The classes must be taught by the designated instructor and may not be taught by a substitute teacher.