• Opting Out of HIV/AIDS Instruction & Sexual Health Education 

  • HIV/AIDS Instructional Opt Out 5th-12th Grade

    A parent preview of the HIV/AIDS Instructional Materials is required each year.  

    • At least one month before teaching HIV/AIDS prevention education in any classroom, each district must notify parents and guardians that instruction will take place AND must conduct at least one presentation, during evening hours, for parents and guardians of students concerning the curriculum and materials that will be used for HIV/AIDS education.
    • A student may be removed from HIV/AIDS prevention education if the student's parent or guardian, having attended one of the district presentations, objects in writing to such participation.

    Each year Pasco School District hosts a parent preview day/night. During this event, parents are welcome to come in and preview the materials that will be used to teach the HIV/AIDS information.  After completing the preview, parents are then given the option to opt their student out of HIV/AIDS Instruction.  Once the opt out form is completed, the information is relayed to the building nurse.  The building nurse then informs the teacher of who has opted out.  Students who are opted out are given an alternate activity to complete during the HIV/AIDS instruction. 


    Our next parent preview will be held September 7th from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  More information will be shared via the district Website and Facebook page in the Fall. 

  • Sexual Health Education Grades 5th-12th Grade

    A parent preview is not required to opt a student out of Sexual Health Education.  The materials are available at all times at the District Office. If a parent would like to preview the materials before opting out. If you would like to preview the materials, please contact Curriculum and Professional Development at 509-543-6700.  

    Each year, PSD families are asked to complete the Annual Information Update in Parent Portal.  Within the Annual Update, there is an agreement section where parents are prompted to opt their child in/out of Sexual Health Education .

    Here is a quick video of what that looks like.  

    Students who are new to the district are also prompted with this opt in/out during their initial online enrollment.

    Families can login and complete the Annual Update and Opt In/Out at anytime throughout the year.