Bulk Mail Instructions

    Complete a Bulk Mail Request Form (Ga-224).  Mailers that meet the requirements listed below qualify for the Bulk Mail rate, which helps conserve district postage funds.

    To Qualify as a Bulk Mailer, the following conditions must apply:

    • A minimum of 200 pieces of mail, which are identical except for the recipient’s name and address. An accurate bulk mail piece count is required.




    1. Each piece of mail must include "or current resident" printed in the address.  If the intended recipient has moved, this mail will not be returned, but is delivered to the address and current occupant.


    1. "Return Service Requested" must be stamped or printed to the right or beneath the return address, (handwritten not accepted).  If the intended recipient has moved, this mail will be returned to the sender at the regular first-class postage rate. 


    • All pieces of mail must have the district's non-profit stamp in the upper right-hand corner. Envelopes can be purchased with a non-profit stamp imprinted.  Postcards with a non-profit stamp can be printed by Print Shop.


    • All envelopes must be sealed before sending them to the Print Shop for handling.


    • Each piece of mail needs to be upright and facing the same direction in the mail tray. Separate any items that are not zip code series 99301-99399, and record those numbers in the Zip Code Inventory on the bulk mail request form.


    • Note from the Postal Service – The US Post Office runs bulk mail through automated systems. If the system is not able to read a label because it is slanted or out of range, the piece will be rejected for manual processing at regular postage rates.  If there is an excess number of rejections, the USPS will return the mailer to the sender for correction.  Position the label on the right side, centered and straight as possible.


    • If you have any questions after you review these instructions, contact the Print Shop at 509-543-6768 or email deprice@psd1.org