• Senior Exit Interviews

    High School and Beyond Plan Requirement

    All graduating seniors will be required to participate in a 10-minute Senior Exit Interview with a staff member.  Senior Exit Interview instructions will be provided in Advisory class or via email if you are Running Start or iPal.

    Spring Senior Exit Interview Dates (includes Running Start & iPal) Mondays 8:55 am - 9:19 am in the Student Mall (Cafeteria):

    • May 1
    • May 8
    • May 15
    • May 22

    Added Drop-in dates for ALL STUDENTS - starts at 8:30 am (Student Services Office):

    • June 2
    • June 7
    • June 8

    For conflicts to the dates above for Running Start or iPal students:

    • Friday, May 12th, Student Services, 9-11 am
    • Friday, May 19th, Student Services, 9-11 am

    For questions related to scheduling your Senior Exit Interview, please email Ana Tuiaea-Ruud at  aruud@psd1.org


    Below are the 3 Senior Exit Interview documents needed for your interview (Completed Action Plan with High School & Beyond Research, Resume, Reflection Letter which were assigned during Advisory):

    1. Completed Action Plan (High School & Beyond Plan Research) This is your post-high school plan, and proof of High School & Beyond Plan requirements you have completed during your high school career. 

    2. Completed Resume (Bring updated and current resume created in Financial Literacy or other) 

    3. Reflection Letter

    Current year TriTech students are exempt from the Senior Exit Interview since they are already doing a High School & Beyond Plan Senior Portfolio. 

    For questions about this page or to make an appointment for help regarding your HSBP/Senior Exit Interview, please contact aruud@psd1.org or msteach@psd1.org

    Watch the video below for help in understanding and preparing for your Senior Exit Interview: