• Salmon in the Classroom

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  • The Salmon in the Classroom program, in partnership with the Franklin Conservation District, provides an opportunity for students to access and experience real-world, project-based outdoor learning with local relevance across the curriculum. In addition to covering grade level content learning standards, it also addresses the Washington Integrated Environmental and Sustainability standards. 

    Throughout the year, fourth grader students observe and participate in the process of raising salmon from eggs in a tank, observing the life cycle firsthand as well as making connections in math by learning about measuring water quality.  


    The salmon release field trip is the culmination of learning about the life cycle, anatomy and migration of Chinook salmon, the natural and human environmental impact on salmon and their role in local Native American culture as part of the history of our state and region. They also learn about economic impact in our state and region along with sustainability. Students explore current issues like the Snake River dams and other barriers to salmon survival and develop solutions. 


    Learn more from Franklin Conservation District here: Salmon in the Classroom

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  • January 4, 2023: 

    Eggs are delivered to the tanks. 

    eggs in cupdumping eggs outeggs in tank










    February 6: 

    Salmon eggs have hatched and are in the alevin stage, feeding off their yolk sac. They spend most of their time in the gravel at the bottom of the tank, but are beginning to swim around. 

    alevin      alevin 2     swimming








    March 28: 

    The salmon are now in the fry / fingerling stage.

    fry tank


    Edwin Markham Elementary was the first school to have their Salmon Celebration and release them into the river today!

    salmon celebration sign


                                             Salmon in cups      close up of salmon in cups

    students releasing salmon at the riverbank  


    March 30: Columbia River Elementary 4th graders released their salmon today. 

        CR students 2 

      CR students by water releasing salmon


    April 13: Captain Gray students enjoyed their Salmon Celebration. 

    Gray students


    Gray students 2

     Gray students making bracelets  

    April 14: Students from Marie Curie were at the park to release salmon and visit learning stations.. 


    int center   213   123


    April 20: Robinson students released salmon today. 




    April 21: Students from Longfellow visited the park for their Salmon Celebration. 






    April 25: Maya Angelou students enjoyed a beautiful day at the park and released their salmon today. 

    maya students 1

    maya 2


    April 27: Students from McGee were at the park today. 

    mcgee 1


    mcgee 2


    May 2: Franklin 3rd graders attended their Salmon Celebration today. 

    fr 1


    fr 3


    May 4: Mark Twain students released their salmon today. 

    twain students

    twain 2


    May 9: Livingston 4th graders enjoyed a day at the park releasing salmon and learning. 

    Liv 1 

    liv 2

    liv 3

    May11: Students from Frost were at the park. 

    frost 1

    frost 2

    frost 3


    May 12: Emerson 4th graders released their salmon today. 


    emerson 1

    emerson 2

    May 23- Chess students enjoyed their day at the park. 

    May 25- Students from McClintock got to learn about PIT tags and released fish that were tagged.


    May 26- Three Rivers students enjoyed the final salmon release today.