• I Am Pasco Campaign

    Pasco School District offers many programs and services to support our student's success! And what better way to highlight these programs and services than through the stories of our students. 

Meet Kalina


    Kalina learns best in the Pasco Innovative eXperiences and e-Learning (PIXeL) program, one of PSD's Digital Learning Academy programs. In PIXeL, students ages K-8 experience 80% teacher-led (synchronous) instruction via Zoom and 20% on their own learning (asynchronous) while enjoying extracurricular activities at their zoned school. Kalina thrives in this type of learning environment because it's a flexible and supportive learning space.
    Students from PSD and surrounding districts can take advantage of our Digital Learning Academy programs. Learn more at www.psd1.org/dla!
    Learn more about PIXeL at https://youtu.be/5lb1-TqgBk0.

Meet Trinity

  • Trinity recently transferred to Pasco School District's developmental preschool program, where she loves to read, work on puzzles, and play in the dramatic play area. She is making new friends and is excited about attending school and riding the bus. Her teachers are finding adaptive tools for her to use to help increase her independence and access to learning.

    Students from PSD and surrounding districts can take advantage of our Early Learning Center preschool programs.

    To learn more about PSD’s preschool programs, visit our Early Learning Center webpage.

Meet Imani

  • Imani is currently a third grader at McGee Elementary but was in the Dual Language at Whittier Elementary. When Imani started in the program, she didn’t understand Spanish. She shared it was a challenging time for her, but once she was able to understand more of the language, she considered herself a Spanish speaker and even teaches Spanish to her younger sister. Imani loves to play basketball and soccer, and loves doing arts and crafts with her sister.

    Learn more about PSD’s Dual Language Programs.

Meet Weston

  • Meet Weston, a sixth grader in the Highly Capable (HiCap) Program at Reynolds Middle School. Weston started in HiCap at Franklin STEM Elementary, where he learned about engineering and advanced STEM. He wants to be an electrical engineer or work in a job where he can build things, loves to play baseball, and plans to run for a leadership position at school this year.

    Learn more about PSD HiCap programs.

Meet Morgan

  • Morgan is a junior at Pasco High School, taking and enjoying an auto mechanics class as a part of our Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. She loves cars and wants to be an auto mechanic when she grows up.

    Morgan is already an entrepreneur - she has a car detailing business she named MAD (Morgan's Auto Detailing).

    After high school, Morgan wants to attend a trade school and work as an auto mechanic for BMW. Her goal is to be a successful woman mechanic and show other women anything is possible.

    Learn more about Career and Technical Education.