Pasco Elementary Schools look upon the district dress code as a key component of the educational process.  We are of the opinion that we are preparing students for success.  While security and safety continue to be the driving forces behind this policy, they are not the only factors.


    Students are allowed to wear the clothing of their choices as long as it does not hinder the educational process.  Students who willingly choose to dress inappropriately will be asked to change.  If they do not have other clothes to change into, they may be provided with clothing from the school.  Otherwise, arrangements must be made for students to go home or for parents to bring clothes to school.


    The following articles of clothing are not acceptable and may not be worn at any Pasco Elementary School during the school day.  This is a brief overview.


    v      Any article of clothing that becomes identified as gang-related

    v      Baggy, oversized trousers that are not worn at or above the hip bones

    v      Oversized shirts below the hip

    v      Bandanas (this includes bandanas used as pony tail holders)

    v      Belts which are four inches longer than waist

    v      Clothing with drug/alcohol/tobacco logos

    v      Clothing with gang symbolism or graffiti

    v      Clothing with inappropriate or offensive language or statements

    v      Clothing with LA Raiders, Kings, Chicago White Sox, old English and script writing, Ben Davis, PLAYERS, or 69 logos

    v      Dangling chains of any kind

    v      Halter tops, spaghetti straps, see-through blouses, or blouses that expose midriffs

    v      Hats, caps, or head gear of any kind

    v      Overcoats, trench coats, dusters

    v      Pants nailed/pinned to the shoes and pants with one pant-leg rolled up and the other one down

    v      Socks pulled up to the knees when shorts cover the top of the socks

    v      Tank tops

    v      Tattered or cut off shorts, short shorts

    v      Flip flop sandals


    Some articles of clothing may be confiscated.  These items will be returned only to the parent/guardian and not to the student.  If you have any questions, please contact your school.