•  Professional Development Calendar and Clock Hour Information

    New Professional Development System Starting October 1, 2021.

    Beginning October 1, the district will move to a digital platform to manage the clock hour and training process. The new platform, called LearnPSD, is a comprehensive system that shifts everything to digital. If you are looking for training opportunities October 1 and after, please click the below LearnPSD icon.


    Access helpful videos about LearnPSD here.





    OSPI Clock Hour Information 

    Clock hours may not be offered for: WAC 181-85-030

    Routine staff meetings to discuss or explain operational  policies or administrative practices within the agency, district, or building

    Business meetings of professional associations to discuss operational policies or practices of the association

    Social hours or actual meal time

    Individuals serving as the instructor for a course for which that individual is the only participant

    Offerings (must relate to one or more of the following): WAC 181-85-202

    The content and objectives of clock hour courses must relate to one or more of the following:

    Opportunities to collect and analyze evidence related to student learning

    Professional certificate standards

    Paraeducator standards of practice as described in WAC 179

    School and district improvement efforts

    Education frameworks and curriculum alignment

    Research-based instructional strategies and assessment practices

    Content of current or anticipated assignment

    Advocacy for students and leaderships

    Supervision, mentoring, or coaching

    Building a collaborative learning community

    Application for approval of courses for out-of-district trainings

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