Science Videos

    Floods 101

    Grand Coulee Dam Stories


    How Hydroelectric Power Works Dam

    Magic School Bus - Goes To Seed


    Deforestation: What's really happening!

    Yakima River Flooding - West Richland

    Sesame Street - Willie Wimple Trees

    Fooled by Nature - Beaver Dams


    Model of a Soil Dam

    Lake Delton Wisconson Erosion


    NASA - The Water Cycle

    How the Earth Was Made - St. Helens

    Another Watershed Moment

    So, what is a watershed?


    Magic School Bus - Wet All Over

    Magic School Bus - Rocks and Rolls

    Magic School Bus - Get's Swamped

    Magic School Bus - Blows its Top

    StudyJams - Air Pressure and Wind

    StudyJams - Gravity and Inertia

    StudyJams - States of Matter

    StudyJams - The Rock Cycle

    StudyJams - The Water Cycle

     NAT GEO - The Early Earth and Plate Tectonics

    Nat Geo - Grand Canyon SkyWalk

    Nat Geo - Amazing Flight Over the Grand Canyon


    Nat Geo - Colliding Continents


    What is a Watershed?


    365 Days of Erosion

    Weathering, Erosion and Deposition


    "Stream Table Erosion"

    Myster of the Megaflood