• Social Studies Videos
    Story of Us: Plymouth            

    Jamestown: Against All Odds            

    Horrible Histories - Pilgrim Rap            

    Horrible Histories - The Viking Song            

    The Nightmare at Jamestown            

    Roanoke Island          

    Age of Discovery            

    Conquistadors: Hernan Cortes            

    Battlefield Britain - Spanish Armada            

    Francisco Pizzaro - Guns, Germs, and Steel            

    Elizabeth's speech - The Queen            

    Queen Elizabeths Tilbury Speech            

    Cartoon Series - Christopher Columbus            

    Cartoon Series - Galileo          

    History Channel - Christopher Columbus            

    Drive Thru History - How America Got itsName          

    Pacific Ocean - Vasco de Balboa            

    Queen Elizabeth I  - Speech of Defeat          

    Minute History - Vasco Da Gama            

    Minute History - Age of Exploration Part 2           

    Minute History - Age of Exploration Part 1          

    Animaniacs - Ballad of Magellan 

    Animaniacs - Ballad of Magellan 

    History of Christopher Columbus 

    Time Warp Trio - Viking and Liking it

    Vikings: Journey to the New World

    Newfoundland Vikings           

    Marco Polo            

    Leif Eriksson V.S Christopher Columbus

    Amerigo Vespucci and the Founding of America