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    Similies Video Mash-Up in Songs

    Personification in Music

    Main Idea Song

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    Figurative Language

    Authors Purpose Song

    Teacher Feature - Transitions!

    Teacher Feature - Conventions

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    Figurative Language Song

    Five Things (Elements of Story)


    The Preposition Rap

    Prefixes Rap - Flocabulary Grammar

    Figurative Language Song

    Flocabulary Figurative Language Song

    The Onomatopoeia Song


    Batter Up!
    Batter Up! - Figurative Langauge Game
    Trapped - Story Planning
    Big Babies Poetry
    Big Babies Poetry

    Space Spins
    Space Spins - Alliteration
    Wizards and Pigs
    Wizards & Pigs - Alliteration

    Similie - Understanding Similies

    Spelling City
    Vocabulary Spelling City - Metaphors, Similes, Idioms, Hyperbole

    Flippy's Adventure - Cause and Effect #1
    Flippy's Adventure - Cause and Effect #2

    Binky's Fact or Opinion
    4th Grade Standard:
    2.4.3 Understand the difference between fact and opinion.
    • Identify facts and opinions; provide evidence from the text to support your answer.
    • Select, from multiple choices, a statement that is a fact or an opinion.
    Elements of a Story
    Story Elements-Be guided through a story while learning about all the parts of a story such as the setting, characters, sequence of events, exposition, conflict, climax, and resolution.

    Prefix and Suffix

    Prefixes and Suffixes-Use prefixes and suffixes to create new words, with new meanings, from words you already know.            


    SpellingCity.com This site is GREAT! You type in your list of words and you can then choose from many activities using your words! It can even test you! You"ve GOT to try it out. Parents and Teacher can register for free and you can save your lists.            
    Spin & Spell - This website is a excellent source for practcing multiple high frequency spelling words among many others. Go ahead, take it for a spin!
    Parts of Speech
    Save the Kooshies - This is a jam packed thrilled game where you have to use the parts of speech such as adjectives, nouns, adverbs etc to wipe out the alien monster.