• Permits extended to increase flexibility

    Educators from out-of-state programs can receive permits allowing them to serve in their role while they complete Washington's assessment requirements. However, due to COVID-19 health concerns, testing centers remain at reduced capacity to allow for social distancing, meaning it can be challenging for candidates to make appointments. To better support educators, PESB made policy changes extending the expiration dates of permits for one year. Educators do not need to take any action in order for their permits to be extended.

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  • STEM certificate renewal requirement

    To renew their certificates, teachers with STEM-related endorsements must complete 15 clock hours, the equivalent in credits, or one goal from a professional growth plan (PGP) demonstrating the integration of two STEM components (science, technology, engineering, math). This policy was set by the legislature. Teachers with relevant endorsements and certificates expiring June 30, 2021, who do not meet the requirement will have their certificates lapse. This is the first year that teacher certificates may expire for this reason. Teachers may not serve without a valid certificate.

    Who needs to meet this requirement?

    Whether or not a teacher needs to meet this requirement depends on the endorsements on their certificate, not on their job assignment. Teachers with one or more of the following endorsements must meet this requirement:

    • Agriculture Education
    • Business and Marketing Education
    • Computer Science
    • CTE (All Areas)
    • Designated Sciences:
      • Biology
      • Chemistry
      • Earth & Space Science
      • Physics
    • Early Childhood Education
    • Elementary Education
    • Family and Consumer Sciences Education
    • Mathematics, Middle Level Mathematics
    • Science, Middle Level Science
    • Technology Education

    NBCTs meet the STEM certificate renewal requirement by maintaining a valid National Board certificate.

    When recording the clock hours, credits, or PGPs in OSPI e-Certification, teachers will check a box confirming they met the STEM certificate renewal requirement. OSPI may audit educator records.

    How can teachers find professional learning to meet this requirement?

    Professional learning may be offered by approved clock hour providers including school districts, ESDs, and many professional associations. Credits from an accredited college or university can also be used to meet this requirement.

    Can a PGP be used to meet this requirement?

    Yes, a teacher can meet this requirement by developing and implementing a PGP goal that integrates two of the STEM components. The educator may implement the STEM activity in a classroom or other educational setting, such as a professional learning event, and collect evidence of their PGP implementation. Find out more about developing PGPs, including sample STEM PGPs.

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