• Elementary Report Cards

    Elementary reports cards are completed using the new PowerTeacher Pro platform. You can find helpful tutorials below.

  • What's the same?

    • Standards-based grading
    • Only grade standards taught
    • Grading symbols
    • Adding trimester comments


    To access report cards, teachers must first sign in to PowerSchool.

    PowerSchool sign in

  • What's different?

    • Updated to reflect standards in PCGs
    • Access from anywhere on any device
    • Mass auto-fill options
    • Ability to add subject level comments


    Once logged in to PowerSchool, teachers need to select PowerTeacher Pro under their grade level class. Student grades will be entered into PowerTeacher Pro.

    PowerTeacher Pro

  • How to get started using PowerTeacher Pro

    Teachers - Entering report card grades - instructions on how to enter report card grades by standard

    Teachers - Printing report cards - instructions on how Teachers print report cards

    Teachers - video guide - video instructions on entering grades, comments and printing final report cards

    Teachers - Entering grades for dropped students - instructions for entering grades for dropped students

    Admin - Printing report cards - instructions on how PowerSchool Admin users print report cards

    Admin - Check Final Grade Status - instructions on how to check which teachers have completed grades for the grading period

    Need Assistance?

    • Each building's instructional coaches and/or technology teacher have been trained and can offer additional support 
    • All district CPE and TOSAS are also trained and available to support staff
    • If you need technical assistance, call technology at ext. 6704


  • PowerTeacher Pro's additional features

    PowerSchool Pro is a classroom management tool that includes advanced features for both standards and traditional grading. PowerTeacher Pro's advanced features allows teachers to:

    • Create assignment categories
    • Create assignments
    • Score assignments and work with grades
    • Assess student and class performance
    • Generate individual and class reports

    Quick Tour of PowerTeacher Pro -Here is a video to help you get started with some additional features of PowerTeacher Pro

    PowerTeacher Pro Quick Reference Card - detailed information about PowerTeacher Pro's features

    PowerTeacher Pro User Guide - a comprehensive manual describing all functions targeted at teachers


    Russian Report Card Templates - Click the link below to download the excel template for a specific grade

           Kindergarten | 1st Grade | 2nd Grade | 3rd Grade | 4th Grade | 5th Grade | 6th Grade

Last Modified on March 12, 2019