Purpose of the bond:

    To build three large elementary schools and fund additional projects, which will be prioritized based on remaining dollars. The three elementary schools will be located at:

    ·         Rosalind Franklin STEM Elementary at Road 52 and Powerline

    ·         Barbara McClintock STEM Elementary at Road 60 and Sandifur

    ·         Marie Curie STEM Elementary at Whittier site

    Rosalind Franklin STEM Elementary will open in the Fall of 2014, with both Barbara McClintock STEM Elementary and Marie Curie STEM Elementary to open the following year in the Fall of 2015.


    Possible additional projects include:

    ·         New Horizons High School relocation

    ·         Stevens Middle School site improvements

    ·         District wide improvements, such as upgrades at older schools

    ·         Pasco High School entrance, offices, additional science labs

    ·         Twain Elementary pick up and drop off site improvements

    ·         Purchase of new portables

    ·         Design funds for next schools

    ·         Land purchases: elementary, middle and high school sites