• powerschool
    What is PowerSchool?

    PowerSchool is the district’s student information system which contains student related information such as demographics, attendance, grades, courses, schedules. 


    How do I choose which PowerSchool link I use?

    Powerschool Administrator - This is for any staff member that is not a teacher.  In PowerSchool administrator, depending on your position/access you can view and enter information.

    Teachers - This access is intended for teachers.  It allows a teacher to take attendance, review student information, and view course enrollments.  It can also be used to access PowerTeacher grade book.  Instructions for activating PowerGrade Shortcut.

    Substitute Teachers - Use this if you are substitute teacher trying to take attendance.  If you have questions how to access PowerSchool for substitutes please contact the school’s substitute secretary or clerk.
    Student Data Collection  - Use this to enter DRA/STAR scores,  VPN access required

    What do I do if I cannot access PowerSchool or am having trouble with PowerSchool?


    If you a district employee please call extension 6704 for PowerSchool specific support.  For other technical problems please call the helpdesk at extension 6710.

Last Modified on December 9, 2020