Position 1

  •  Scott Lehrman

    Scott Lehrman
    Term Expires: November 2023

    Mr. Lehrman takes part in school events at his children's school (Mark Twain). He also enjoys volunteering at, and visiting each school in Pasco. He volunteers as a coach for his children's sports teams, likes to play golf, ski, and partake in outdoor activities available in the Tri-Cities.

    Mr. Lehrman's mission and reason for serving is to ensure that ALL students in Pasco have access to great facilities and educational opportunity. He is committed to listening to perspectives of all community members and families, transparency in the district, and equity in educational opportunity for all students. 

    As a child, his parents volunteered and served on multiple boards; those experiences and relationships shaped his views on the importance of childhood education and social service. His mother and wife are both teachers, and their passion for education inspires him. Mr. Lehrman is grateful for the dedication of all the teachers and staff of the Pasco School District.


Position 2

Position 3

  •  Steve Christensen

    Steve Christensen
    Term Expires: November 2021

    Mr. Christensen currently serves as Scoutmaster for the young men in his church. He also served in various scouting related assignments over the years. His two sons are Eagle Scouts, the highest rank attainable in the Scouting program. He is a church leader and church youth group leader.

    Mr. Christensen has also been on the Pasco Youth Football board of directors. He spent two years on a mission in Venezuela before completing his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University. He is a fluent Spanish speaker. As a father of five Pasco school system graduates and having worked many years with youth, he believes that one of the most valuable things we can give our children is the opportunity to get the very best education possible.

    A good education strengthens the whole society. He thinks we have a great community and great schools. He wants to be involved in continuing to improve our community and in helping our youth be what they’re meant to be. It must start with our youth.


Position 4

  •  Sherry Lancon

    Sherry Lancon, Board Vice President
    Term Expires: November 2021

    As a Board Member, Ms. Lancon actively volunteers in Pasco School district by being a judge for enterprise week, participating in mock interviews, and attending athletic events, music and drama performances. She also serves as the Board Liaison for the Building Steering Committee.

    Ms. Lancon serves on the board because the Pasco School District is forward thinking and includes the community in the process; provides equal educational opportunities to students in all schools, finds common ground interest and values, and works to advance a healthy educational environment and promote each student to achieve their full potential. She loves being a part of making a difference in our schools, giving all children and families of Pasco a chance for a good education, and preparing students to make decisions for their future after graduation to meet the challenges of life.


Position 5

  •  Amy Phillips

    Amy Phillips, Board President
    Term Expires: November 2021

    Mrs. Phillips has been very active in her children’s schools volunteering in classrooms, with parent-teacher organizations, and as a member of McLoughlin and Markham’s ATPs, or Action Team for Partnerships. She also works as a tutor and substitute teacher.

    The primary focus for Mrs. Phillips is students. She has done and will continue to do her homework with this important responsibility that she has been given. She cares about students and teachers and is primarily concerned with helping our children get the best education possible. As a school board member she will continue to seek out and listen to parents, teachers, principals and staff. She will focus on helping every student achieve his or her best. She will continue to ask many questions. Pasco is a community of caring parents and strong values and she will represent this community that she loves.


2019-2020 Student Board Representatives



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    Chiawana High School

    Nachelle Linn
    Delta High School

    Crista Martinez
    Pasco High School