Position 1

  •  Scott Lehrman

    Scott Lehrman, Board President
    Term Expires: November 2023

    Mr. Lehrman grew up in Vancouver, Washington with a Japanese-American mother who was a high school teacher. Celebrating diversity and valuing education was paramount in his upbringing. In addition, he has a loving and supportive wife who is a high school teacher. Mr. Lehrman received Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Chemical Engineering from Washington State University, and believes that ALL students should be college OR career ready when completing their education in Pasco. He has four children who are or will be students in the Pasco School District and promises to work hard to ensure that they, along with all students in Pasco receive the quality education that they deserve.

    Pasco School District's vision statement is "Putting students first to make learning last a lifetime. Celebrating academics, diversity and innovation".  What is important to you about our vision?
    “For me in my service as a board member, celebrating diversity and providing opportunities for students from ALL backgrounds, at EVERY school is a priority that I consider when making impacting decisions.”

    We have five 100% goals, our Outrageous Outcomes that clearly convey the Board's commitment to "All Means All". What does this commitment mean to you?
    “I believe that ALL students can succeed and perform to the best of their abilities if the student, the school district, families, and the community work together to provide the support and resources that each student needs.  As I board member, I strive to ensure that the vision and resources are available to provide each student with the opportunities and supports that they need to succeed.”

Position 2



    John Kennedy , Board Legislative Representative
    Term Expires: November 2023 


Position 3


    Amanda Brown, Board WIAA Representative
    Term Expires: November 2025 


Position 4

  •  Amy Phillips

    Amy Phillips, Board Vice President
    Term Expires: November 2025

    Mrs. Phillips has been very active in her children’s schools volunteering in classrooms, with parent-teacher organizations, and as a member of McLoughlin and Markham’s ATPs, or Action Team for Partnerships. She also works as a tutor and substitute teacher.

    The primary focus for Mrs. Phillips is students. She has done and will continue to do her homework with this important responsibility that she has been given. She cares about students and teachers and is primarily concerned with helping our children get the best education possible. As a school board member she will continue to seek out and listen to parents, teachers, principals and staff. She will focus on helping every student achieve his or her best. She will continue to ask many questions. Pasco is a community of caring parents and strong values and she will represent this community that she loves.


Position 5

  • Vacant

2022-2023 Student Board Representatives

  •    Emily Iniguez-Hernandez

          Sydney Stenson

    Logan Stroup

    Emily Iniguez-Hernandez
    Pasco High School

    Sydney Stenson
    Chiawana High School

    Logan Stroup
    New Horizons High School