Pasco High School 
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    Student Services:
    The following staff members are part of the Student Services department:
    Chiesa, Lisa* Counselor 
    Freeman, Amanda Counselor 
    Garcia, Axel Counselor 
    Kincaid, Corey Counselor 
    Lopez, Andrea Counselor
    McLaughlin, Becky Counselor 
    Bennett, Kristine Counselor 
    Quintero, Jessica Counselor
    Morfin, Eva Counselor 

    Bliss, Kira Master Scheduler
    Cardoza, Efrain Student Achievement Specialist
    Estes, Sammantha Student Achievement Specialist
    Lira, Esperanza Student Achievement Specialist
    Escalera, Socrates Student Achievement Specialist
    Gomez, Ramiro Juvenile Justice Parole Officer
    Guillen, Martin Student Intervention Supervisor
      Intervention & Prevention Specialist
    Jenson, Tammy Registrar
    Leatham, Stella School Psychologist
    Montez, Kristina Assessment Coordinator
    Rodriguez, Daniel Student Services Secretary
    Contreras, Joanna Special Education Clerk
    Rubio, Amandalyn CTE Community Engagement Manager
    Cruz Enriquez, Mitzi Guidance Specialist
    Please look for additional information in the Student Services tab of our website.