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    Business Education & Marketing/Industrial Arts/CTE/ Family & Consumer Science/Technology:
    Department Chairperson:  Melissa Olmstead, molmstead@psd1.org
    The department consists of the following Staff members:
      TBH CTE Robotics & CAD
      Brault, Justin CTE Digital Design
      Butterworth, Susana CTE Photography
      Callaway, Andrew CTE Business & Marketing
      Grade, NaCole CTE Family and Consumer Science, Nutrition
      Gutierrez, Lizette CTE Nutrition, Transtation & Interpretation 
      Guzman, Felipe
    CTE Traslation & Interpretation
      Kauer, Carol CTE Business & Marketing/Leadership
      Lambert, AJ CTE Animal Science, Floriculture
      Ledezma, Yesenia CTE Financial Lit, Early Childhood
      Munden, Jacob CTE Metals
      Olmstead, Melissa CTE Family and Consumer Science, Nutrition
      Rust, Brent CTE Photography
      Schadler, Scott CTE Industrial Arts, Wood Technology
      Schneider, Kim CTE Business & Marketing
      Sharpe, Danielle CTE Robotics
        CTE Industrial Arts, Automotive
      Treviño, Rey CTE School Store, Marketing 
      Weatherby, John CTE Consruction Trades
    *Please direct any questions to the Department Chair.
    For full course descriptions, please refer to our 2016-17 Course Guidebook which can be accessed through out Student Services section of our website.

    Business, Computer Science and Marketing
    Program Scopes and Sequences

    Web Design
    Digital Design Business Professional
    Web Design 1
    2D Animation & Design
    Web Design 2
    Digital Video Productions
    2D Animation & Design or Web Design 2
    Digital Design 1
    Digital Design 2
    Web Design 1 or 2D Animation & Design
    Business Internship
    Business Internship Work Experience
    Certified Web Professional Computer Engineer Financial Professional
    Web Design 1
    Web Design 2
    Computer Science- JAVA
    Computer Science-SQL
    Computer Science-Linux
    Computer Engineering A+ 1-2
    Computer Engineering A+ 3-4
    Computer Science
    Accounting 1-2
    Accounting 3-4


    Entry Level for 9-12 Graders

    Intro to Marketing 1-2                      Fashion Marketing                  Sports & Entertainment Marketing

    Advanced Level for 10-12 Graders

    Courses                                                                Prerequisites
    Advanced Marketing 1-2                                       Introduction to Marketing 1-2
    School Store Operations 1-2                                  Introduction to Marketing 1-2
    School Store Management 1-2                               School Store Operations 1-2
    Entrepreneurship 1-2                                              Tech Lit. (Intro. to Marketing 1-2 recommended)
    Foods commercial Academy 1-2                            Intro to Marketing 1-2 and/or Foods & Nutrition
    Two (2) Years of Marketing courses in any of the combinations below meets the Financial Literacy graduation requirement
    • Intro to Marketing + Advanced Marketing
    • Introduction to AMrketing + Store Operations
    • Introduction to Marketing + Entrepreunership
    • Fashion Marketing/Sports Entertainment Marketing + Entrepreunership
    The Marketing program provides students with hands-on activities that prepare them for success in college & the work place. As part of the Marketing program, students automatically become members of DECA, an international student leadership organization. With this membership, students have the opportunity to participate in leadership activities, network with business professionals & earn scholarships. Students enrolled in these courses must pay $20 dues. Arrangements may be made for fundraising to pay dues. Completion of four semesters of any marketing class meets the Financial Literacy graduation requirement provided that none of the courses are repeated. Each Marketing course provides students the opportunity to earn Columbia Basin College tech prep credits upon successful course completion with an 85% or better (check with a Marketing teacher).

    Technology Education




    Computer Aided Design 1-2*

    Computer Aided Design 3-4*

    Computer Aided Design 5-6*

    Electrical Systems Technology 1-2

    Electrical Systems Technology 3-4


    Metals Technology 1-2

    Metals Technology 3AB-4AB

    Metals Technology 5AB-6AB

    Woods Technology 1-2

    Woods Technology 3AB-4AB

    Woods Technology 5AB-6AB

    Construction Trades 1AB-2AB

    Construction Trades 3AB-4AB

    Construction Trades 5AB-6AB

    Auto Mechanics1-2*

    Auto Mechanics 3AB-4AB*

    Auto Mechanics 5AB-6AB

     *These classes are part of an articulation agreement with CBC in which students have an opportunity to receive direct college credit. If you need assistance in this process, please contact Student Services or call the CBC Tech Prep office at (509) 547-0511 ext. 2221.