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    Special Education
    Department Co-Chairperson:    Savaya Hall, shall@psd1.org
    Department Co-Chairperson:    Melissa Strobridge, mstrobridge@psd1.org
    Our Special Education department consists of the following Staff members:
    D'Arrezzo, Joseph Mathematics
    Doyle, Paullette English
    Furth, Tamara Mathematics
    Hall, Savaya English/Department Chair
    Martinez, Ben English
    Martinez, Saul Mathematics
    Moyer, Jaclyn   CCP Carreer 
    Ocker, Valerie Mathematics
    Schlegel, Jason Science
    Strobridge, Melissa Life Skills/Department Chair
    Vasquez, Danielle English
    Williams, Megan English
    *Please direct all questions to the Department Chair.
    The Special Education Administrator, Department Chair, Case Manager, school psychologist, counselor, educators, parents,students and community agencies coordinate to develop individual education/transition plans. These plans are the product of ongoing collaboration among teachers, students, parents and community agencies. The plan reflects students’ achievements and goals. The IEP/ITP team will determine classes & programs that best prepare students for transition into adulthood; giving consideration to Advanced Placement courses, General Education, Vocational Education Training, Community Experience, Employment Objective, Post-School/Adult Living Skills, and Daily Living Skills.
                      IEP= Individual Education Plan                   ITP= Individual Transition Plan