• Essentials of Music- Here is a fabulous Webpage for interesting Musical Information!


    Classical Composers - Looking for information on a composer? Try this On-line Composer Database!


    Music Glossary- Here is an On-line Glossary to help you with unfamiliar musical terms.


    Virginia Tech Music Dictionary- The Virginia Tech Music Department's online musical dictionary. This dictionary provides definitions and pronunciations for almost every musical term that you will encounter.


    Music Theory Lessons- Here are some very helpful music theory exercises. You may need to explore to find exercises that are challenging enough for you. the page is pretty self-explanatory, though!


    Need a Metronome- in a pinch, this On-Line Metronomemay prove to be very helpful.


    Need Private Lessons? (the answer is always YES!) Below will be a list of teachers in the area on most instruments.

    Matt Henderson, 531-9334, Drums/Mallets

    KC Flynn, 545-8598, Drums/Mallets


    Wendy Smith, 545-6229, Flute

    Steve DeGarmo, 371-0869, Clarinet/ Saxophone

    Lori Lydeen, 460-9382, Oboe/Clarinet/Saxophone


    Kevin Glenn, 531-1780, Trumpet

    John Nelson, 544-9146, Trumpet

    Mike Strasburg, Trumpet

    Troy Lydeen, 460-9382, Trumpet- Jazz

     Bruce Brown, 430-4288, Trombone, Baritone, Tuba


    For an updated list of private teachers call Ted Brown Music Center at 783-3481.