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    Home Schooling and Out of District Transfers

    Some parents have asked questions about issues that are of interest to others. The following Q & A’s in response to those questions. Please contact those noted for further information.

    What do I need to do to register my child for home schooling?

    Contact Sara Mendoza at 543-6727 and request the registration form to register your child for home schooling, or complete the form that can be found online here, (Spanish here). Return the form to Sara Mendoza smendoza@psd1.org or mail it to her at 1215 West Lewis, Pasco, WA 99301.

    If I register with PSD to home school my child, in which academic or extra-curricular activities may my child participate at his or her school?

    If you have registered with Pasco School District to home school your child, he or she may participate in any academic or extra-curricular activity for which they qualify in his or her attendance zone school including secondary athletics. Please contact the principal of your school to find out the schedule of the experiences you would like to choose for your child. For athletics, each student athlete must comply with applicable WIAA eligibility rules.

    Why can’t my child be “dual enrolled” when I home school him or her?

    The term “dual enrollment” refers to enrollment in another school district while also being enrolled in Pasco schools. The term “dual enrollment” does not apply to home school students. If a family registers to home school their children, they may participate in any academic or extracurricular programs at their attendance school with no need to “dual enroll” in anything. That has been the district’s practice for decades and still is. There is no need for “dual enrollment.”

    If I want to register my child in another school district’s program (such as Insight school, RSD or KSD) can I still access academic services in my attendance zone school in Pasco School District?

    No. If you enroll your child in another school district that means you have withdrawn your child from Pasco. Under state law which is cited on the Choice Transfer Form (Spanish here) provided by OSPI, the nonresident school district becomes responsible for all matters related to the education of the student (basic education, special education, home/hospital services, truancy, CEDARS reporting, administration of state educational assessments, etc.) OSPI Form P105B citing WAC 392-132- 235, RCW 28A.225.220-240. Therefore, the receiving district will provide all appropriate academic services. This state law makes the best sense in terms of consistency for the student. All of his or her academic services will be provided within one organization which facilitates communication and cohesion for the child’s instructional program.

    If I want to register my child in another district’s online program, can I still access athletics and extracurricular services in my district?

    Yes, within certain parameters. If you decide to withdraw your child from PSD and enroll him or her in another district’s program that is not offered by PSD, your child may participate in athletics and activities at his or her residence school in Pasco.
    PSD currently offers an online program for K-12, but it doesn’t yet have a parent partnership program. Therefore, until PSD develops a comparable program, students registered in Homelink (Richland) or MCP (Kennewick) may participate in extracurricular activities for which they qualify in their residence school in Pasco. Student athletes must meet WIAA eligibility requirements. This option does not  include any academic program as noted in the Choice Transfer form. If you register your child in another district’s program that is offered by PSD, then your child is not eligible for either extracurricular or academic activities in PSD.

    Where can I get information about the K-12 iPAL program?

    Information regarding the K-12 internet Pasco Academy of Learning (iPAL) can be obtained by calling the iPAL Lab directly at 509-543-6765 or, by contacting the iPAL Administrator, Megan Hockaday at 509-543-6700.  Students enrolling in online courses can be enrolled part-time or full-time, depending upon their needs.  iPAL is open to all Pasco School District students only.  The iPAL Lab is located on the McLoughlin Middle School campus and is open from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM daily.  For more information, please access our information on the Pasco School District website under Departments in both English and Spanish here.

    If I enroll my child in the iPAL program can they participate in other academic or extracurricular activities at their resident school?

    Yes. However, student athletes must meet the WIAA eligibility requirements to participate in their residence school’s athletics program.

Last Modified on February 2, 2023