• High School Athletic Residency Requirements

    With two high schools in Pasco, WA, this brings both excitement and new challenges. One of the challenges is athletic eligibility. Violations of the athletic eligibility guidelines have a negative impact on the student-athlete and the team.

    The Pasco School District wants to remind parents and student-athletes of the residency requirements to participate in high school athletics. These requirements are based on PSD Board Policy, WIAA rules and state law. These requirements are summarized at the end of the letter. A more complete description can be found at the high schools’ websites, the district office and at each high school’s athletic office.

    A student-athlete must meet the residency requirements. If a student-athlete is found to not be living at the address listed with the district, the student-athlete will be declared ineligible for athletic participation. The student-athlete will also be required to move to the high school attendance zone based on their legal address.

    The penalty for the student-athlete under WIAA rules is no athletic participation for one calendar year from the date the district receives information on the violation. There are also penalties for the team if WIAA finds we have allowed an ineligible player to participate in athletic contests.

    Interscholastic athletics is a part of the high school experience and the district wants all students to have the opportunity to participate. It is important for the student and the team to follow the rules of the game.

    If student-athletes are not attending the high school in which zone they live, the student-athlete is ineligible unless an official transfer has been approved.  If you have questions about your student-athlete’s eligibility, contact the athletic director at Chiawana or Pasco High Schools.


    PSD Board procedures 3131 – Students are required to attend the school designated for the geographic attendance area in which he or she resides.  A student’s legal residence determines the student’s attendance area.

    WIAA rule 18.9.0 – Residence - The place where the family unit has established its home and/or the place where the student is habitually present and to which, when departing, the student intends to return.

    WIAA rule 18.9.0 – Family unit – The adult(s) who has/have had legal custody or legal guardianship of the student for a period of at least one (1) year and with whom the student resides.

    WIAA rule 18.9.1 – In order to be eligible to participate and/or represent a member school in an interscholastic contest, the student of that school must be residing within the boundaries of that school district and designated attendance area of the school.

    State Law WAC 392-137-115 – As used in this chapter, the term “student residence” means the physical location of a student’s principal abode where the student lives the majority of the time.

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